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Headphone Tip Removal Tool

USD 25

Designed to easily remove a broken 3.5mm headphone plug from a headphone jack. The thin walls of the cylindrical working end slip between the jack housing and the broken piece, physically isolating the piece from any friction against the jack walls. The split in the cylinder allows for manufacturing differences and acts as a kind of cylindrical pliers to grip the broken piece. This tool is designed for repair professionals, and will pay for itself with the repair of a single device. With careful use it may survive to repair many devices. A bit of research into proper use techniques is highly recommended. The product video below gives a good demonstration of the GripStick in action. WARNING This tool comes with no guarantees implied or expressed and should be considered a single-use tool. All sales are final and no returns will be allowed.  

Falcon Activation for Miracle Key Miracle Thunder Dongle

USD 59.99USD 16.99

Falcon Activation for Miracle Key Dongle  & Miracle Thunder Dongle Falcon Activation is a new generation mobile phones repair software tool for HTC | BlackBerry | Huawei | Samsung | Qualcomm | ZTE | LG and other well-known brands. * To activate your box and key you need to provide us with Miracle Key or Thunder Key serial number.

Must read your Miracle Key serial number using Miracle Key SN Reader.

Please carefully read your serial number. Make sure you provide us correct Miracle Key Dongle S/N. Serial number starts with MICBX and Miracle Thunder Dongle S/N. Serial number Start with MIRTD letters!


Activation cannot be returned or cancelled if you made a mistake and gave us wrong serial number you will loss your money.

Falcon Box / Dongle - Latest Update:

Motorola Service Pack v.1.0 has been added absolutely free!

Motorola Qualcomm Devices

  • Read Device Info
    • Normal Mode
    • AP Fast-boot Mode
    • DIAG Mode
  • SIM Locks
    • Direct Unlock - Most Moto Qualcomm Devices
    • Direct Unlock - Most Moto Sprint Devices
    • Reset Security
  • IMEI Repair (two methods)
    • Moto Method
    • Generic Qualcomm Method
  • Read / Write QCN
  • Read / Restore / Reset EFS

Motorola MTK Android Devices

  • IMEI Repair
  • Direct Unlock

Miscellaneous Tab

  • FRP Reset (need USB debug – no Root required)
  • Enable DIAG (required Root)
  • Factory Reset
    • Normal Mode
    • Fastmode Mode
  • Reset Screen locks
      • Normal Mode
      • Custom Recovery Mode
  • One-Click Reboot Tool
  • Bootloader Tool
  • Get Unlock Data
    • Relock
    • Unlock

Factory Flasher

  • Ability to Direct Flash factory firmware
  • Use firmware files in zip or xml format
  • Ability to select partitions
  • Ability to generate Flashing Script – world’s first!
  • Convert firmware format from zip or xml to bat
  • Manual flasher with erase and boot options
  • Sideload and Recovery mode flasher

Falcon Activation - Supported Features:

  • MTK Android Thousands of mobile phones are supported. Connection methods: ADB Mode / Meta Mode / Wi-Fi Mode.
    • ADB Mode (in normal or recovery mode) - Features:
      • Read Info
      • Read Codes
      • Direct Unlock
      • IMEI Repair (IMEI 1 and IMEI 2)
      • Repair Wi-Fi
      • Remove All Locks
      • Backup Firmware
      • NV-Ram Read / Write Bin & Tar
    • Meta Mode - Features:
      • Read Info
      • Read Codes
      • Direct Unlock
    • Wi-Fi Mode - Features:
      • World's First unlock phone via Wi-Fi (without use of any cable)
      • Read Codes
      • Direct Unlock
  • Samsung
    • Supported Features:
      • Read Info
      • Read Codes
      • Direct Unlock
      • Re-lock Phone to any Network
      • Repair IMEI 1 / IMEI 2 / Serial / Bluetooth / Product Code / Hardware Version
      • Read / Write Cert
      • Reset MSL
      • Read / Write / Reset EFS
      • Factory Reset
      • Enable / Disable DIAG
      • Reset Screen Locks (without Root)
      • Enable Languages (without Flash)
      • Enable UART Mode
      • Reset FRP / Reactivation / EE Locks (via Download Mode)
      • Samsung Flasher
  • Qualcomm
    • Supported Features:
      • Read Info
      • Generic Read Codes
      • Generic Direct Unlock
      • Enable DIAG on Android Qualcomm
      • Generic Method of Repair IMEI 2
      • Backup / Restore / Reset Security
  • Huawei
    • Android Qualcomm Generic - Supported Features:
      • Read Info
      • Generic Direct Unlock on Qualcomm with New / Old Security
      • Enable DIAG Qualcomm Android
      • Generic Re-lock on Qualcomm with New Security
      • Read / Write Security on Qualcomm Android
      • World's First Repair Security / Invalid SIM Locks
      • Generic CID Security Unlock
      • Generic Unlock of Modems with New / Old Security
  • ZTE
    • Android - Supported Features:
      • Read Info
      • Generic Direct Unlock on Qualcomm with New / Old Security
      • Generic Repair IMEI on Qualcomm
      • Repair Wi-Fi
      • Repair Bluetooth
  • HTC
    • Supported Features:
      • Read Info
      • Read Codes on Android
      • Direct Unlock
      • Factory Reset
      • Reset FRP
  • BlackBerry
    • Supported Features:
      • Read Info (Basic and Extended)
      • Read MEP Code via Cable
      • MEP 0 Unlock
      • Wipe Factory Reset
      • IMEI / ESN / MEID Repair with Old Security
      • Flasher
  • LG Android
    • Qualcomm LG - Supported Features:
      • Factory Reset
      • IMEI Repair
      • Read / Write / Reset Security
      • Reset All Screen Locks
      • Remove FRP Lock
  • Calculator
    • Multi-Brand calculator has been added
  • Android Suite
    • World's Best Android Suite - Supported Features:
      • Full Android suite for service all Android-based devices
      • A lot of useful fully operational functions

Important:  Activation cannot be rolled back or cancelled if you provided us with mistaken or wrong serial number & you will loss your money. Make sure you provide us with an appropriate and correct Miracle Key Dongle  serial number. Serial number starts with MICBX letters for Miracle Key Dongle & starts with MIRTD letters  for Miracle Thunder Dongle!.   * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Easy Firmware file server account EF Extra Gold

USD 39.9

EF Extra Gold (12 Month Access) allows you to download exclusive Easy Firmware (EF) files. To receive EF activation, please, create user account at and indicate your EF login or email when placing the order. Required amount of credits will be added to your account.

Active Period: 12 Months
Total Exclusive Downloads: 120 GB
Extra Exclusive Downloads: 12 GB daily
Daily Free Downloads (Non-Exclusive Files): 30 GB daily
Allowed to Change: 7 PCs

EF Extra Gold – Features:

EF Extra Gold – Software Features:

  • One-click login to support area from the Easy Firmware main software.
  • Online Chat support 24/7.
  • File request service allows you to send your requests and receive files.
  • Full information for all Android models security patch.
  • High-speed download saving your time.
  • Regular and online software update and firmware upgrades.
  • The software will automatically inform you when new updates are available.
  • Keep all downloads history on dashboard.

EF Extra Gold – Outstanding Features:

  • The world's first source for all brands
  • Get the latest Installers, ROMs, Firmware, Tools and Manuals, etc for your products
  • Daily updates - more than 150 GB
  • Official ROM for all models
  • Remove FRP Video and File guide
  • Schematic / Service Manual and Test Point
  • All available phone service tools and firmware
  • eMMC dump files
  • DA files / MTK secure boot DA / AUTH / FRP files and NVRM
  • New brands and models added every day

After complete your order we added Credit to your account, then u need login to do step by step as video . *Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories coming together with the product. Therefore, the package content presented above is rather tentative. More details on the matter can be obtained from our sales managers. * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions.

SFT Dongle

USD 88.99

SFT Dongle - solution for smartphones servicing. Supports MTK, Intel, Qualcomm, SPD and many more.

SFT Dongle Features

    • Identify device before flashing
    • Flashing Fastboot
    • Flashing Zip File Sideload (Recovery mode)
    • Read/Write IMEI (only Intel CPUs)
    • Read Info
    • Unlock Bootloader
    • Wipe User data & Cache
    • Remove FRP
    • Install TWRP
    • Root and Unroot (Asus, Intel Universal, Xiaomi)
    • Reset Live Demo Intel
    • Clear Account Data
    • Clear NVM and EFS
    • Clear FRM Lock
    • Enable User Mode
    • Repair Baseband
  • RAW:
    • Identify Partition
    • Write Full / Sector
    • Read Full / Sector
    • Listing File Header Img or Dump User area
    • Support for new MT6750, 6755, MT6757, MT6795, MT6797, MT6799, DLL
    • Support for new flash Meizu MT6735, protected SLA
    • Include selected DA file and authentication file
    • Include Brom FlashtoolLib, added new MTK chip
    • Identify device from Soc file
    • Flashing from Scater file (download only, formating+download, format all, upgrade firmware, EMMC / NAND formating, low level formating)
    • Read Partition Device, including Scater
    • Erase Partition Device
    • Read / Write IMEI, permanent support for new MTK chips
    • Reset Demo Live (Oppo F1, F1S, OPPO A39, VIVO V5, VIVO V5S, VIVO V5Lite, VIVO Y66)
    • Reset FRP
    • Reset Factory Protection (Meizu M1, M1_Note, M2, M2_Note, M3, M3S, M5, M5E, M5S, M6)
    • Remove Pattern Lock
    • Remove Micloud MTK (new method)
    • Remove Flyme Account
    • Auto and manual address formating
    • ADB & Fastboot Utility
    • Write memory from listing Scater partition
    • Identification of Qualcomm device
    • Flashing in EDL mode from .xml
    • Include Picture (EDL mode)
    • Backup / Erase Partition
    • Write IMEI (GSM only, dual QSM, GSMCDMA, CDMA only)
    • Read or Write QCN (including dual Sim mode)
    • Clean Micloud (support for Mi5, Mi5s, Mi5s_Lithium, Mi_Mix, Mi6)
    • Remove Pattern Lock (Fastboot mode)
    • Clear Modem (Fastboot mode)
    • Remove FRP (ASUS, OPPO, Infinix, Xiaomi) in EDL mode
    • Remove FRP (Fastboot mode)
    • Remove Unlock Bootloader
    • Install TWRP
    • Clear Cache / User data
    • Fix Bt Wi-Fi
    • Fix Baseband IMEI
    • Format Data (Recovery mode)
    • Switching bricked Qualcomm from 9008 to 9006
    • Flashing all data (EDL mode)
    • Provisioning UFS
    • Full Erase (Boot 1, Boot 2, User area)
  • INTEL:
    • Flashing Debrick Intel Mode with List Execute
    • Erase IFWI method
    • Disable Security
    • Auto and manual flashing
    • Write IMEI and MEID
    • Backup NV Item
    • Restore NV item
    • Disable Bims
    • Enable Bims
    • Format FAT
    • Remove BBID
    • Manual address erasing
    • Factory Reset
    • Flashing all Samsung
    • Reboot Down-loader
    • Reset Factory Default
    • Auto Remove FRP
    • Disable Factory Mode
    • Read EFS
    • Write EFS
    • Writing IMEI Chipset Spreadtrum
    • Enable Language (all Samsung) (Root)
    • Flashing FTF file
    • Exclude System and Wipe Data or Wipe Cache
    • Flashing system and kernel (Fastboot mode)

E-Mate Pro V1 EMMC BGA Tool 7 in 1

USD 89.99

E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool v1

You may use E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool v1 adapter set with your current eMMC box.

E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool v1 allows you to read and write directly from/to eMMC chips *.

Compatible with a lot of EMMC boxes.

E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool v1 - Compatible Boxes:

  • Riff Box
  • Medusa Pro Box
  • Z3X Easy JTAG Box
  • GPG EMMC Box
  • UFi Box

E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool v1 – Package Content:

  • U-Socket Adapter (Z3X Easy Jtag Plus, RIFF2, GPG EMMC, EMMC Pro) – 1 pc.
  • U-Socket Adapter (Medusa PRO) – 1 pc.
  • U-Socket Adapter (UFI) – 1 pc.
  • Flash Memory Adapter – 4 pc.
  • E-Mate V1 7 in 1 U-Socket Adapter – 1 pc.
  • Old 20 pin and RJ50 adapter(ATF, Riff, Easy Jtag)- 1 pc.
  • RJ50 Two-way Cable – 1 pc.
  • Flash Memory Magnetic Adapter* – 4 pcs.:
    • 11 × 10
    • 11.5 × 13
    • 12 × 16
    • 15 × 15

    *Magnetic adapter is a fixture which is easily fixed by means of magnet and ensures more convenient use.

E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool v1 can be upgraded by means of E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool v2. Together E-Mate Pro eMMC Tool v1 and V2 have the same features as E-Mate X EMMC BGA 13-in-1.

Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories coming together with the product. Therefore, the package content presented above is rather tentative. More details on the matter can be obtained from our sales managers.

iPower X Box

USD 44.99

iPOWER X is high precision DC to DC power supply, technical grade designed for scientific research, product development, laboratories, schools and electronic production lines. The output voltage and current are continuously adjustable at nominal value. Featuring high accuracy, reliability, perfect overload and short circuit protection circuit, they can be an ideal choice for the mobile phone repair industry. Specifications:

  • Device performance is ensured by a 16 MHz CPU clock frequency and enhanced characteristics which include robust I/O, independent watchdogs and a clock security system.
  • LCD Display Panel Accuracy is within ± 2.5%
  • 1.5 inch LCD displaying accurate voltage, ampere, electric quantity measuring values and related settings.
  • The controls are easy to use featuring a rotary switch that acts as an ON/OFF button in the same time. Voltage and Current can be monitored in the same time. Separate power on button for Apple devices.
  • Input: DC barrel (+ centered) DC 3.3 - 24V / 0 - 3A (Recommended input voltage 5V ( 2A iPad charger), 19.5V (4A laptop charger))
  • Output: DC 0.2 - 24V / 0.2 - 3A Continuously adjustable, output can be maximum input voltage + 0.6V
  • Voltage regulation: CV < ± 0.2V, CC < ± 0.2A
  • Ripple and noises: CV < ± 0.2V, CC < ± 0.2A
  • Protection for battery ports: High current limiting, shortcut protection, reverse polarity protection, 4.3V max output hardware protection
  • Protection for jack output: High current limiting, shortcut protection
  • Two operational modes: constant voltage and constant current with max limits working in the same time. Once the max current will be reached the voltage will drop to keep the current constant.

Product Features:

  • Mobile phone battery simulator ports (4 USB output port (DC 4.2V / 0.5 - 3A ) specially for Apple mobile phone, used together with supplied cables will enable the use of iPOWER X to simulate battery connection. The mobile phone battery simulator ports are hardware limited to 4.3V to protect against accidental voltage settings that might damage the device. They also have reverse voltage protection in case of wrong connections. Current can be limited continuously from 0 to 3A so that the user can track down shortcuts in devices by monitoring board temperature. The mobile phone battery ports also control an 5V 200mA output design to simulate power on so can be used with bare boards without connected power on buttons. Integrated Apple battery IC will enable the correct display of battery information in Apple devices.
  • Jack output (RED + , BLACK GND) - Enables the user to supply devices other than mobile phone boards, current and voltage limited.
  • Voltage tester input - Integrated voltage tester input (Yellow) will display the measured voltage on the main display once the tester is connected to the device not requiring a separate voltage tester. The device can be powered using the main battery connectors and only one wire will be required to test voltages on the device.
  • Computer control input - On the back of iPOWER X there is a special connector to enable easy control of the voltages and other functions using a computer. Just connect the provided PC cable and start the iPOWER X software. iPOWER X can be also easily calibrated this way for more precise readings.

  Package content:

  • 1 x iPOWER X Box
  • 1 x iPOWER X PC Cable
  • 1 x Voltage Test Cable
  • 1 x Input DC Power Cable
  • 4 x USB 2 in 1 Data Cable With Flex Connector