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Furious Gold FRP Reset Credit

USD 9.99

Furious Pack 7 Reset Credit allows you to reset Google factory reset protection (FRP) in Huawei mobile phones *. One credit is required to reset FRP in one mobile phone. Please note that FRP reset operation cannot be performed on bricked phones. Please be aware that Furious Pack7 activated and Huawei FC Module are required to use Huawei FRP Reset Credits. Cost of 1 Huawei Reset FRP credit is 10 Furious credits. Activation procedure: After you get Furious credits added to your account you need to activate Huawei Reset FRP Credits Pack. For that purpose perform the following steps: run "Furious Gold Maintenance Tool" software, press "Go Furious gold Support Area" button, then click "Products", choose a required pack (1 credit) and press “Buy it now” button. To activate these credits, please, provide us with your Furious Gold Box username and serial number while placing an order. To find your serial number and username please do the following:

  • Launch maintenance software
  • Press "Go Furious gold Support Area"
  • Choose "Dashboard"
  • Select "Account Info"



As soon as credits deposited on your account, we will send you an email.Here you can see How to activate:

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Furious Gold FRP Reset 10 Credit

USD 40USD 38.99
Furious Pack 7 Reset Credits allow you to reset Google factory reset protection (FRP) in Huawei mobile phones *. One credit is required to reset FRP in one mobile phone. Please note that FRP reset operation cannot be performed on bricked phones. Please be aware that Furious Pack7 activated and Huawei FC Module are required to use Huawei FRP Reset Credits. Cost of 10 Huawei Reset FRP credits is 40 Furious credits. Activation procedure: After you get Furious credits added to your account you need to activate Huawei Reset FRP Credits Pack. For that purpose perform the following steps: run "Furious Gold Maintenance Tool" software, press "Go Furious gold Support Area" button, then click "Products", choose a required pack (10 credits) and press “Buy it now” button. To activate these credits, please, provide us with your Furious Gold Box username and serial number while placing an order. To find your serial number and username please do the following:
  • Launch maintenance software
  • Press "Go Furious gold Support Area"
  • Choose "Dashboard"
  • Select "Account Info"
As soon as credits deposited on your account, we will send you an email. How to activate:
* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

HCU Client Credits

USD 1.18USD 1.1

HCU Client - Universal Huawei Repair Tool - Features:

  • Repairs MTK, almost all HiSilicon and Qualcomm CPU Huawei Android phones
  • Supports 500+ Huawei models and modifications
  • Repairs IMEI and IMEI2 just in few seconds without rooting, in the manufacture mode
  • Repairs Wi-Fi, Bluetooth
  • Repairs SN
  • Repairs all physical numbers
  • Repairs Vendor, Country
  • Writes numbers to empty board after EMMC replacement or full erasure
  • Reads boot-loader code / Locks boot-loader
  • Reads Unlock codes
  • Unlocks FRP
  • Customizable to follow your company or web page.
  • Customizable to work with your product dongle.

HCU Client - Universal Huawei Repair Tool - Credits:

  • 8 Credits - 1 Phone repair
  • 3 Credits - 1 Phone Unlock (or unlock codes reading) from network
  • 4 Credits - 1 Phone boot-loader code reading
  • 12 Credits - 1 Phone FRP unlock

If you have bulk work to do then please click to See & buy

  • 72 Hours license for unlimited all functions + DC Phoenix –
  •  30 Days  license for unlimited all functions + DC Phoenix – 
  •  1 Year license for unlimited all functions + DC Phoenix –
  •  2 Years license for unlimited all functions + DC Phoenix –
  • Life time Activation for unlimited all functions + DC Phoenix you can get on DC Unlocker /  Infinity CM2 / Best / Cdma tool OR Buy new  HCU + DC Phoenix Dongle  .

HCU Client - Universal Huawei Repair Tool - Account:

Free for 1 month. After 1 month all free account credits are annulled and new account must be purchased Full supported models * list for Universal Huawei Repair Client HERE

HCU Client - Universal Huawei Repair Tool - Package Content

  • Virtual Activation Code for Universal Huawei Repair Client

After successful transaction we will send you the details of your account (username and password). Latest HCU-Client software version you can download here. Activation is bound to computer hardware. You won’t be able to use HCU-Client software on another computer for 48 hours. After 48 hours you can install and reactivate HCU-Client software on other PC. * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Infinity server credits

USD 0.4USD 0.38

Infinity Server Credits allow you to unlock Nokia SL3 cell phones via BEST server as well as unlock certain iPhone mobiles *. You need to spend 17 Infinity server credits to unlock 1 Nokia BB5 SL3 handset. Also you can get these service below use this credit .

Please note that:

  • The iPhone should be exactly from the requested network (otherwise you may get charged for incorrect network)
  • IMEI should not be stolen, banned or blacklisted
  • There should be no past dues or unpaid fees owed to the provider
  • There's NO cancellation of procedure or refund

iPhone unlocking instructions:

  • Enter iPhone's IMEI and click "Unlock" button
  • Wait for confirmation that unlock is done
  • Insert non accepted SIM card (foreign SIM card)
  • Connect to iTunes
  • Update phone
  • iTunes will freeze
  • Disconnect and connect again
  • Open iTunes
  • Now your iPhone is permanently unlocked

Cell Phones and Hashes Supported by Infinity Server Credits

Nokia Supported Models

  • RH-125 1616
  • RH-126 1616-2B
  • RH-129 1616-2C
  • RM-669 1800-2B
  • RM-653 1800/1800-2
  • RM-761 200
  • RM-635 2690/2692
  • RM-561 2700C/2700C-2
  • RM-586 2710C/2710C-2 Navigation Edition
  • RM-579 2730C Classic
  • RM-578 2730C-1
  • RM-781 300
  • RM-763 303
  • RM-352 3600S Slide
  • RM-509 3710A-1 Fold
  • RM-510 3710A-1C Fold
  • RM-511 3711A-1
  • RM-518 3720C-2
  • RM-750 500
  • RM-495 5130C Xpress Music
  • RM-496 5130C-2 Xpress Music
  • RM-588 5230
  • RM-594 5230-1B
  • RM-593 5230-1C
  • RM-629 5230-1D
  • RM-625 5232/5233
  • RM-684 5250
  • RM-303 5310 Xpress Music
  • RM-504 5530C-2 Xpress Music
  • RM-431 5630D-1 Xpress Music
  • RM-465 5730S-1 Xpress Music
  • RM-428 5800
  • RM-356 5800D-1 Xpress Music
  • RM-779 603
  • RM-217 6300
  • RM-443 6303
  • RM-638 6303CI
  • RM-455 6350-1B
  • RM-265 6500C Classic
  • RM-240 6500S-1 Sslide
  • RM-470 6700C-1
  • RM-576 6700S Slide
  • RM-577 6700S-1C
  • RM-491 6710S-1
  • RM-424 6720C-1
  • RM-566 6730C-1
  • RM-547 6730C-1
  • RM-381 6750-1B Mural
  • RM-670 700
  • RM-774 701
  • RM-497 7020 Fold
  • RM-604 7230-1
  • RM-598 7230-1C
  • RM-607 C1-01
  • RM-608 C1-01.2
  • RM-643 C1-02
  • RM-704 C2-00
  • RM-721 C2-01
  • RM-722 C2-01.5
  • RM-692 C2-02
  • RM-693 C2-02.1
  • RM-702 C2-03, C2-06
  • RM-725 C2-05
  • RM-640 C3-01
  • RM-776 C3-01.5
  • RM-614 C3.00
  • RM-688 C5-00.1
  • RM-745 C5-00.2
  • RM-744 C5-00.3
  • RM-697 C5-03
  • RM-719 C5-03.2
  • RM-720 C5-04.1
  • RM-645 C5.00
  • RM-601 C6-01
  • RM-718 C6-01.3
  • RM-612 C6.00
  • RM-624 C6.00-1
  • RM-675 C7-00
  • RM-691 C7-00.1 Astound
  • RM-632 E5-00
  • RM-634 E5-00.2
  • RM-469 E52-1
  • RM-609 E6-00
  • RM-437 E63-1
  • RM-449 E63-2
  • RM-450 E63-3
  • RM-343 E66-1
  • RM-626 E7-00
  • RM-346 E71-1
  • RM-357 E71-2
  • RM-407 E71-3
  • RM-530 E72-1
  • RM-529 E72-2
  • RM-658 E73
  • RM-412 E75-1v
  • RM-596 N8-00
  • RM-484 N86-1
  • RM-485 N86-3
  • RM-505 N97-1
  • RM-507 N97-3
  • RM-555 N97-4 Mini
  • RM-553 N97-5 Mini
  • RM-618 X2-00
  • RM-709 X2-01
  • RM-717 X2.01.1
  • RM-540 X3-00
  • RM-639 X3-02
  • RM-775 X3-02.5
  • RM-559 X6-00
  • RM-551 X6-00.1
  • RM-707 X7-00
  • RM-659 X7-00.1

SL3 ROOT_KEY_HASH (RAP) Supported by Infinity Server Credits

  • 38F312750F686F9FC9B1B3778774A195
  • 9A28E119033B91D14D22838C86D0D53C
  • 9DDBFCFE6E73CED7D8C6268C8EB85723
  • A5404AE83A594ECADEE532F0C236BFA6
  • BAF3A9C3DBFA8454937DB77F2B8852B1
  • CAEEBB65D3C48E6DC73B49DC5063A2EE
  • E9EFF4BFAA5393217CA6B17755FC3E14
  • F2D76DFAFD66C7F195F278417DF05888
  • F682624FFB08F6D955DBE7D9C0485084
  • FCB5C510AF7F09F313D9BDE85A707CC0

Credits can be added to Infinity / BEST / CDMA card or on the account.

In case if you like to add credits to Infinity / BEST / CDMA card then you have to provide correct card SN while placing an order. Serial number should be in 8-digit HEX format.

You can find the serial number using Dongle Manager software

Detailed manual is here (Read SN section)

If you like to add credits on the account, tell us preferred username and we will create an account for you.

Once the credits will be added (order is completed), you will receive a notification on your email address

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.


MFC Server credit

USD 0.35

These credits are for use with MFC software only, you should also have an MFC Dongle to use these credits .     After you purchase the required amount of MFC Server Credits we will send you a recharging code. Each code has a value of 100 credits.  if you purchased 1000 MFC Server Credits than you will receive 10 different codes.

To add those credits to your MFC Dongle you have to follow this steps:

Launch MFC software Select section iMFC Press “Add” button Type in received code we sent to you Press “Okay” button

MFC Server Credits – Features

  • Mobile phones IMEI status check (clean & stolen), available for all brands
  • iDevice iCloud (iPR) access data details recovery. The iPR feature works with an accessible iDevice only! (Meaning that you can access information on the device which is operational). Jailbreak on iDevice is not required.
  • Supports removal of all codes for Huawei Hisilicon based Mobile devices

MFC Server Credits – Supported Models * and Credits Cost

Apple iPhone Supported Models for all iOS Versions

iPhone 4

  • iPhone3,1 (5 Credits)
  • iPhone3,2 (5 Credits)
  • iPhone3,3 (5 Credits)

iPhone 4s

  • iPhone4,1 (5 Credits)

iPhone 5

  • iPhone5,1 (10 Credits)
  • iPhone5,2 (10 Credits)

iPhone 5c

  • iPhone5,3 (10 Credits)
  • iPhone5,4 (10 Credits)

iPhone 5s

  • iPhone6,1 (25 Credits)
  • iPhone6,2 (25 Credits)

iPhone 6

  • iPhone7,2 (75 Credits)

iPhone 6p

  • iPhone7,1 (100 Credits)

iPhone 6s

  • iPhone8,1 (125 Credits)

iPhone 6sp

  • iPhone8,2 (155 Credits)

iPhone SE

  • iPhone8,4 (155 Credits)

iPhone 7

  • iPhone9,1 (200 Credits)
  • iPhone9,3 (200 Credits)

iPhone 7p

  • iPhone9,2 (245 Credits)
  • iPhone9,4 (245 Credits)

Apple iPad Supported Models for all iOS Versions

iPad 2

  • iPad2,1 (5 Credits)
  • iPad2,2 (5 Credits)
  • iPad2,3 (5 Credits)
  • iPad2,4 (5 Credits)

iPad mini

  • iPad2,5 (5 Credits)
  • iPad2,6 (5 Credits)
  • iPad2,7 (5 Credits)

iPad 3

  • iPad3,1 (10 Credits)
  • iPad3,2 (10 Credits)
  • iPad3,3 (10 Credits)

iPad 4

  • iPad3,4 (35 Credits)
  • iPad3,5 (35 Credits)
  • iPad3,6 (35 Credits)

iPad Air

  • iPad4,1 (25 Credits)
  • iPad4,2 (25 Credits)
  • iPad4,3 (25 Credits)

iPad mini2

  • iPad4,4 (25 Credits)
  • iPad4,5 (25 Credits)
  • iPad4,6 (25 Credits)

iPad mini3

  • iPad4,7 (25 Credits)
  • iPad4,8 (25 Credits)
  • iPad4,9 (25 Credits)

iPad mini4

  • iPad5,1 (45 Credits)
  • iPad5,2 (45 Credits)

iPad air 2

  • iPad5,3 (45 Credits)
  • iPad5,4 (45 Credits)

iPad pro

  • iPad6,3 (100 Credits)
  • iPad6,4 (100 Credits)
  • iPad6,7 (125 Credits)
  • iPad6,8 (125 Credits)

Apple iPod Supported Models for all iOS Versions

iPod touch 3G

  • iPod3,1 (5 Credits)

iPod touch 4G

  • iPod4,1 (5 Credits)

iPod touch 5G

  • iPod5,1 (15 Credits)

iPod touch 6G

  • iPod7,1 (25 Credits)

Huawei unlock device

  • OPERATION FOR FBLOCK 0 - (15 Credits)
  • OPERATION FOR FBLOCK 1 - (15 Credits)

MFC Server Credits – Related Information

  • Once you bought these credits - there will be no refund
  • Recharge code can be obtained from your dashboard
  • This is a virtual product, no shipping is required
  • Don't use this product on stolen and lost devices

* Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Micro Box Server Credits

USD 7.49

Micro-Box Server Credits for LG 3G, SAGEM, SKYPE/AMOI, MOMO, ZTE phones * unlock. 1 credit is required for 1 cell phone unlock using Micro-Box.


  • Sagem Unlimited Unlock Activation for Micro-Box users (29.10.2009)
  •  Activation costs 10 credits
    • Unlimited unlock code reading, direct unlock, disable security code supported for the following models:
      • my100x
      • my200c
      • my202c
      • my210x
      • my212x
      • my215x
      • my300c
      • my401c
      • my411x
      • my411xi
      • my411v
      • my411cv
      • my511x
      • my511xi
      • my521x
      • my412z
      • VF526
      • VF527
      • VF533
    • Unlimited unlock code reading supported for the following models:
      • myx6-2
      • myv76
      • mye77
      • my300x
      • my301x
      • my302x
      • my300l
      • my400x
      • my400v
      • my400l
      • my401x
      • my401v
      • my401l
      • TCM 303
      • SG 346i
      • VS4
      • VS5

    Supported models and features


    Supported features:

    • Direct unlock LG

    Supported models:

    • LG CU575
    • LG CU920
    • LG KF311
    • LG KF390
    • LG KT615
    • LG KU950
    • LG MU515
    • LG TU515
    • LG TU575
    • LG TU915
    • LG U830
    • LG CU515
    • LG CU720
    • LG CU915
    • LG CU920
    • LG HB620
    • LG KC910
    • LG KE990
    • LG KF310
    • LG KF700
    • LG KT610
    • LG KU250
    • LG KU380
    • LG KU385
    • LG KU970
    • LG KU990
    • LG KU990GO
    • LG KU990MF
    • LG KU990R
    • LG TU720
    • LG U250
    • LG U370
    • LG U830
    • LG U960
    • LG U970
    • LG U990


    Supported features:

    • Direct unlock MOMO

    Supported models:



    Supported features:

    • Direct unlock Skype

    Supported models:

    • Skype Phone 1 WP-S1
    • Skype Phone 2 WP-S2
    • Skype Phone 3 INQ


    Supported features:

    • Direct unlock ZTE

    Supported models:

    • ZTE F230


    Supported features:

    • Read unlock code SAGEM

    Supported models:

    • Sagem My V-56 HS
    • Sagem My X5-2V HS
    • Sagem My C5-3 HS
    • Sagem My 501C HS
    • Sagem My 501Ci HS
    • Sagem My E77
    • Sagem TCM 303
    • Sagem My 100X
    • Sagem My 210X
    • Sagem My 212X
    • Sagem My 214X
    • Sagem My 215X
    • Sagem My 200C
    • Sagem My 202C
    • Sagem My 300C
    • Sagem My 401C
    • Sagem My 401Ci
    • Sagem My 411X
    • Sagem My 411Xi
    • Sagem My 411V
    • Sagem My 411CV
    • Sagem My 511X
    • Sagem My X6-2
    • Sagem My V76
    • Sagem My 300X
    • Sagem My 301X
    • Sagem My 302X
    • Sagem My 300L
    • Sagem My 400X
    • Sagem My 400V
    • Sagem My 400L
    • Sagem My401X
    • Sagem My 401V
    • Sagem My 401L
    • Sagem SG 346i
    • Sagem VS4
    • Sagem VS5

    Without credits:

    Supported features:

    • Read flash Sagem
    • Direct unlock Sagem

    Supported models:

    • Sagem My150X
    • Sagem My220X
    • Sagem My220V
    • Sagem My226X
    • Sagem VDF226 Vodafone
    • Sagem My231X
    • Sagem My234X
    * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Micro Box Special Credits

USD 1.29

Micro-Box Special Credits for Samsung, Nokia, HTC and LG phones * unlock.

Special credits

We lunch this new type of Credits for Micro-box and Micro-dongle software. This special credits will be for FACTORY UNLOCK or 3rd party Unlock procedure, (You must understand that Services can close at anytime, and some can be not so stable, you will never lose credits but don't be surprised if some service become removed )   3 SPECIAL CREDITS = 1 LG BY IMEI 1 SPECIAL CREDITS = 1 HTC 2008 BY IMEI 3 SPECIAL CREDITS = 1 HTC 2009 - 2014 BY IMEI 5 SPECIAL CREDITS = 1 NOKIA SL3 UNLOCK CODE 1 SPECIAL CREDITS = 1 LENOVO BY IMEI 1 SPECIAL CREDITS = 1 EXCLUSIVE Unlock by IMEI ( TELNOR, ZTE, HUAWEI etc .. ) 3 SPECIAL CREDITS = SAMSUNG 2016 -> 2019 (3 credits/unlock) (Type1) 5 SPECIAL CREDITS = SAMSUNG 2018 -> 20xx (5 credits/unlock) (Type2)
  Pack of 5 credits Pack of 10 credits Pack of 50 credits Pack of 100 credits Pack of 250 credits Pack of 500 credits
SPECIAL CREDITS 5 10 50 100 250 500
PRICE of the PACK 6 € 12 € 55 € 100 € 250 € 450 €
SAMSUNG 2016 -> 2019 (3 credits/unlock) 1.7 3.3 16.7 33.3 83.3 166.7
Price / unlock (Type1) 3.6 € 3.6 € 3.3 € 3.0 € 3.0 € 2.7 €
SAMSUNG 2018 -> 20xx (5 credits/unlock) 1 2 10 20 50 100
Price / unlock (Type2) 6.0 € 6.0 € 5.5 € 5.0 € 5.0 € 4.5 €
LG by IMEI 1.7 3.3 16.7 33.3 83.3 166.7
Price / unlock 3.6 € 3.6 € 3.3 € 3.0 € 3.0 € 2.7 €
HTC 2008 by IMEI 5 10 50 100 250 500
Price / unlock 1.2 € 1.2 € 1.1 € 1.0 € 1.0 € 0.9 €
HTC 2009-2014 by IMEI 1.7 3.3 16.7 33.3 83.3 166.7
Price / unlock 3.6 € 3.6 € 3.3 € 3.0 € 3.0 € 2.7 €
NOKIA SL3 UNLOCK 1 2 10 20 50 100
Price / unlock 6.0 € 6.0 € 5.5 € 5.0 € 5.0 € 4.5 €
LENOVO ... all models what use 1 special credit / unlock 5 10 50 100 250 500
Price / unlock 1.2 € 1.2 € 1.1 € 1.0 € 1.0 € 0.9 €
            BEST BUY
5 special credit 6 euros  
10 special credits 12 euros  
50 special credits 55 euros  
100 special credits 100 euros  
250 special credits 250 euros  
500 special credits 450 euros  
  -------------------------------- 5 special credits  (Type 2) -------------------------------- S10e : SM-G970F, SM-G970N S10 : SM-G973F, SM-G973N S10+ : SM-G975F, SM-G975N Note9 : SM-N960F, SM-N960N S9 : SM-G960F, SM-G960N S9+ : SM-G965F, SM-G965N   -------------------------------- 3 special credits  (Type 1) --------------------------------   S8 : SM-G950F, SM-G950N S8+ : SM-G955F,  SM-G955N A10 : SM-A105F, SM-A105G, SM-A105M, SM-A105N A20 : SM-A205F, SM-A205FN, SM-A205GN A30 : SM-A305F, SM-A305G, SM-A305Y A40 : SM-A405FN, SM-A405FM, SM-A405F A50 : SM-A505F, SM-A505G A7 2018 : SM-A750F, SM-A750G, SM-A750N

Download link for the Latest Software * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Nand Pro Server Credits

USD 11.99

Unique feature to request iPad unlocked serial numbers from the NAND PRO server via credits for NAND PRO Box user. You can unlock/clean iCloud of any iPad and get necessary information, including iPad SN, BT and Wi-Fi numbers. This information will be displayed in your NAND PRO software after successful completion of the operation. Rest of the process is same as writing this information to NAND. Operation is valid for iPad Wi-Fi models.

Supported NANDs:

  • H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16G iPadAir2 64bits
  • H2JTDG8UD3MBR 16G iPadAir2 64bits
  • H2JTEG8VD1BMR 32G iPadAir2 64bits
  • SDMALBB4_032G iPadAir2 64bits
  • SDMALBB8_064G iPadAir2 64bits
  • THGBX2G7B2JLA01 16G iPadAir2 64bits
  • THGBX2G9B8JLA01 64G iPadAir2 64bits
  • H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16G Mini4
  • H2JTDG8UD3MBR 16G Mini4
  • H2JTEG8VD1BMR 32G Mini4
  • SDMALBB4_032G Mini4
  • SDMALBB8_064G Mini4
  • THGBX2G7B2JLA01 16G Mini4
  • THGBX2G9B8JLA01 64G Mini4
  • H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16G Mini3
  • H2JTDG8UD3MBR 16G Mini3
  • H2JTEG8VD1BMR 32G Mini3
  • SDMALBB4_032G Mini3
  • SDMALBB8_064G Mini3
  • THGBX2G7B2JLA01 16G Mini3
  • THGBX2G9B8JLA01 64G Mini3
  • H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16G Mini2
  • H2JTDG8UD3MBR 16G Mini2
  • H2JTEG8VD1BMR 32G Mini2
  • SDMALBB4_032G Mini2
  • SDMALBB8_064G Mini2
  • THGBX2G7B2JLA01 16G Mini2
  • THGBX2G9B8JLA01 64G Mini2
  • H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16G iPadAir
  • H2JTDG8UD3MBR 16G iPadAir
  • H2JTEG8VD1BMR 32G iPadAir
  • SDMALBB4_032G iPadAir
  • SDMALBB8_064G iPadAir
  • THGBX2G7B2JLA01 16G iPadAir
  • THGBX2G9B8JLA01 64G iPadAir
  • H2JTDG8UD2MBR 16G iPad5
  • H2JTDG8UD3MBR 16G iPad5
  • H2JTEG8VD1BMR 32G iPad5
  • H2JTEG8VD1CMS 32G iPad5
  • THGBX2G7B2JLA01 16G iPad5
  • THGBX2G9B8JLA01 64G iPad5

Octoplus Server Credits

USD 0.14

FRP Service is online! Factory Unlock Service is online!

This product is a result of developers' own solutions which makes it the most reliable servicing tool on the market. Octoplus Server Credits are meant for Modems, Alcatel, BlackBerry, HTC, Huawei, iPhone, Sony Ericsson, Sony, Samsung, Sky, ZTE cell phones servicing with Octoplus Box or without it. Octoplus Server Credits consumption can be viewed in the table below. Please note that there is available UNLIMITED servicing procedures activation for Sony Ericsson mobiles! It will cost you 400 Octoplus Server credits. If you do not need one you can still unlock Sony Ericsson mobiles but for a lower price, because we've reduced Sony Ericsson unlock price to 40 credits for Octoplus cards owners!  

Octoplus Server Credits Consumption *

Devices +/- Octoplus Direct Unlock Repair IMEI Unlock Bootloader
Alcatel Modem + Octoplus Box 0 N / A N / A
Alcatel Modemwithout Octoplus Box 10 N / A N / A
Huawei Modems + Octoplus Box 20 0 N / A
Huawei Modemswithout Octoplus Box 40 10 N / A
Sky + Octoplus Box 0 N / A N / A
Sky without Octoplus Box 10 N / A N / A
Sony + Octoplus Box 50 100 0
Sony without Octoplus Box 100 150 20
Sony with Unlimited SE + Sony 0 0 N / A
Sony Ericsson + Octoplus Box 40 40 N / A
Sony Ericssonwithout Octoplus Box 80 80 N / A
Sony Ericsson with Unlimited SE + Sony 0 0 N / A
ZTE + Octoplus Box 0 N / A N / A
ZTE without Octoplus Box 30 N / A N / A


Unlock & Other Services
Brand Name Credits
Alcatel (Old MTK C7xx) 8 credits
Alcatel (Normal MTK) 8 credits
Alcatel (New SRO 2013) 25 credits
Alcatel (New Provider 2013) 12 credits
Alcatel (New Provider 2014) 30 credits
Alcatel (New Provider-2 2014) 55 credits
Alcatel (Qualcomm) 10 credits
Alcatel (MTK Android) 10 credits
Alcatel 768T 875T (USA Variants) 35 credits
Alcatel Spreadtrum (236 316 1060 1063 2040D 2040G 2050A 2050G) 35 credits
Alcatel modem2 (X030x X100x) 8 credits
Alcatel modem3 (X230 Y580 M800 W800 Y800) 25 credits
Alcatel modem1 (X020x X200x) 8 credits
Amazon Fire Phone AT&T USA 75 credits
Apple UDID Registration for iOS8 60 credits
Blackberry (via IMEI + PRD) 7 credits
Blackberry (via IMEI + MEP) 7 credits
Blackberry Q5 Q10 Z10 Z30 (Slow) 240 credits
Blackberry Q5 Q10 Z10 Z30 (Express) 240 credits
Blackberry 9315 New Algo (Factory code) 240 credits
Blackberry 9320 New Algo (Factory code) 240 credits
Blackberry 9720 New Algo (Factory code) 240 credits
Blackberry MEP-04598-007 (ATT) 70 credits
Blackberry MEP-14896-007 (Digicel) 70 credits
Blackberry MEP-14896-008 (Digicel) 70 credits
Dell Worldwide (Any Model Any Carrier) 130 credits
HTC 2008 - 2014 (With Newer Database) 25 credits
HTC 2014 - Not Found Database 35 credits
HTC All Models, M8 included (Factory Code) 40 credits
HTC All Models, M8 included (ND, Slow) 60 credits
HTC All Models, M8 included (ND, Fast) 50 credits
HTC AT&T USA 35 credits
Huawei - (All Levels + Reset Key) Factory Code 15 credits
Huawei - Not Found 35 credits
Huawei - (All Levels + Reset Key) Emergency Services 35 credits
Huawei Factory Code (New 2013-2015 Modem/Router) 40 credits
Huawei Factory Code (Vodafone Mobile WiFi R216 4G Calculator) 80 credits
iPhone WW Blacklist Checker 11 credits
iPhone WW Block / Unblock Check 11 credits
iPhone & iPad GSX Check (Full Report) Instant - 10 minutes 10 credits
iPhone Check Mend Report - Stolen/Barred Phones (UK/USA) 15 credits
iPhone Full Network Finder & Simlock Status 8 credits
LG Worldwide Instant 40 credits
LG Worldwide Not Found (NCK Only) 35 credits
LG International (All levels) 50 credits
MegaFon Optima 12 credits
MegaFon Login2 Tablet 12 credits
MegaFon MT3A Tablet 12 credits
MegaFon MS3B 12 credits
MetroPCS USA - Android Official Unlock (Mobile Device Unlock App) 200 credits
MetroPCS USA - All GSM Models (3<>7 Days) 120 credits
MetroPCS USA - All GSM Models 180 credits
Microsoft AT&T USA 75 credits
Mojo C200 / Mojo Chat 12 credits
Motorola Worldwide (Not Android) 25 credits
Motorola Database 1 (Not Android) Instant 30 credits
Motorola Database 1 (Not Android) 22 credits
Motorola Database 2 (12-24h) 60 credits
Motorola Database 2 (12-36h) 40 credits
Motorola Database 2 (24-48h) 35 credits
Motorola Special (Not found, 16 digits, Latin America) 40 credits
MTC 1065 13 credits
MTS 535 / MTS547 10 credits
MTS SMART RUN 30 credits
Nokia AT&T USA 35 credits
Pantech AT&T USA 35 credits
Samsung All Models - Factory Unlock (without Box) * 260 credits
Samsung All Models - Factory Unlock (Box users without Samsung activation) * 250 credits
Samsung All Models - Factory Unlock (Box users with Samsung activation) * 220 credits
Samsung All Models - Factory Reset FRP / Reactivation (without Box) 220 credits
Samsung All Models - Factory Reset FRP / Reactivation (Box users without Samsung activation) 210 credits
Samsung All Models - Factory Reset FRP / Reactivation (Box users with Samsung activation) 200 credits
Samsung Asia - All Levels 355 credits
Samsung AT&T USA 100 credits
Samsung Australia / Asia Pacific - All Levels 200 credits
Samsung Argentina - All Models 200 credits
Samsung Canada - All Levels 335 credits
Samsung Canada - NCK Only 165 credits
Samsung Emergency (Europe) unlock code by IMEI 300 credits
Samsung Europe (Alternative) 280 credits
Samsung Europe Limited Country - NCK + MCK (1-3 hours) 215 credits
Samsung Latin America / Personal VIP Argentina 120 credits
Samsung Latin America / Uruguay / Paraguay Codes 120 credits
Samsung Manufacturer & Network Check 28 credits
Samsung Mexico - All Levels 325 credits
Samsung South America - All Levels 325 credits
Samsung USA - All Levels (1 - 90 minutes) 335 credits
Samsung USA - All Levels (1-2 days) 325 credits
Samsung USA - All Levels (1-3 days) 120 credits
Samsung USA - All Levels (1-4 days) 155 credits
Samsung USA - All Levels (2-3 days) 205 credits
Samsung UK - All Levels (1-2 days) 275 credits
Samsung T-Mobile USA [NEW GEN 2015] - NCK + SPCK (1-4 hours Mon-Fri) 200 credits
Samsung USA - NCK + Unfreeze (1-3 days) 135 credits
Samsung USA - NCK Only (1-2 Hours) 125 credits
Samsung Worldwide (Made in China) unlock code by IMEI 100 credits
Samsung Reactivation Lock - ID Lock Removal Service - Server #1 200 credits
Samsung Reactivation Lock - ID Lock Removal Service - Server #2 70 credits
Sharp DoCoMo & NTT Japan (Calculator) 155 credits
Sony / Sony Ericsson (World) unlock code by IMEI 250 credits
Sony / Sony Ericsson (Spain - Portugal) (Only NCK) unlock code by IMEI 190 credits
Sony / Sony Ericsson S1 (W100 W150 ...) unlock code by IMEI 20 credits
Sony & Sony Ericsson AT&T USA 90 credits
Sony Xperia & Sony Ericsson - United Kingdom Networks (Monday Delivery) 215 credits
Supra M726 / M727 12 credits
T-Mobile USA - Android Official Unlock (Mobile Device Unlock app) 420 credits
VeryKool Phones 10 credits
Vodafone Smart Ultra 6 170 credits
VTELCA N720 / F310 / V8200 10 credits
ZTE Blade C2 Plus codes by IMEI 35 credits
ZTE Blade L2 codes by IMEI 35 credits
ZTE Blade Series - Worldwide, Instant 30 credits
ZTE MTK Android Unlock Codes 30 credits

* Octopus Server Credits F.A.Q.

Q.1: Where can I find login and password for Octopus Server Credits service usage? A.1: You have to purchased Octopus Server Credits first. Following a successful transaction, you will receive an email, with all the information about your new account, including your login and password. Q.2: I have a certain amount of credits on my account, however, I do not have enough of them for a certain operation. A.2: You have to order the required amount of credits. While ordering, in the corresponding field, you need to specify all your current account details, and how many credits you lack. Otherwise, we will create a new account with purchased amount of credits. Q.3: I had a certain amount of credits on my account. I ordered some more credits for a certain operation from a reseller. However, the reseller created a new account. How do I combine my existing credits with new ones? A.3: You need to contact our technical support by online chat or you can send an email to with a detailed explanation why do you need to combine two accounts and those account details. Q.4: I forgot or I do not know my login username or login password for my Octopus Server Credits account. A.4: Please, make sure that you have purchased Octopus Server Credits before. If you did not buy them, then you need to make a purchase. After that you will receive an email, with all the information about your new account, including your login and password. If indeed, you forgot or lost your password, then it is recommended to contact our support by online chat or you can send a request to In the request form you must specify your Octopus Server Credits purchase order number, then we will able to help you restore or change your password. Q.5: I am trying to enter the login and password for account or other services / websites and getting an error about incorrect login. A.5: Logins and password from other services (boot-loader, etc.) are not suitable for logging into Octopus Server Credits account. These are different services; they are not related to each other. Q.6: I made a request to unlock my phone through the service of remote servers but the phone was not unlocked. How do I get my credits back? A.6: In case the phone was not unlocked, you have to send us the following information:

  • ID number of your request
  • IMEI number of your phone
  • Phone's model
  • What company is the mobile phone’s carrier?

On the following electronic address: After that, you will need to film a video, in high quality (HD), which will confirm your unsuccessful unlock procedure. That video should clearly show phone's IMEI number, phone's model, how it is locked and the unlock procedure, during which can be seen unlock code entering, evenly and slowly. Then upload your video to and send the link to a video to technical support team. After you video reviewed and analyzed by development team, a decision will be made. You will either get your credits back or receive a consultation, stating that has not been done correctly and how to fix it. Q.7: I made a request to unlock the phone, but later realized that I made a mistake and phone model is incorrect, I need to unlock other device. How do I get my credits back? A.7: Unfortunately, in that case wrongly spent credits cannot be returned, because your request has been already processed by remote server and it is waiting for the completion of unlock procedure. Please be more careful when you submit your request, make sure that you enter correct device data. Q.8: I have a phone with installed application "Device Unlock App" (T-Mobile, MetroPCS and AT&T) and I would like to unlock it using Octopus server credits. A.8: Phones with that application, from stated operators, cannot be unlocked using this method. In case if you already sent a request to unlock, spent credits cannot be returned back on your account. Q.9: I have sent a request to unlock the phone with IMEI number begins with 99XXXX and locked by Sprint or Verizon. Device was not unlocked. How do I get my credits back? A.9: Please be advised, if the phone is locked by Sprint or Verizon and IMEI number starts with 99XXXX, that device cannot be unlocked. In this case credits will not be returned. Q.10: When I send a request to unlock the phone, I receive the following message “Service is busy! Try again later” A.10: This particular message means that remote server is busy right now or being under maintenance. Please try to submit your request a couple of hours later. Q.11: When I send a request to unlock the phone, I receive the following message “Could not connect to the server! Your IP is in black list!” A.11: This particular message means that you have tried to input incorrect username or password of your Octopus account too many times. Because of this, to protect servers, your IP address has been blocked on the server side. Your IP address will remain blocked for approximately 30 minutes. Please make sure your account information is correct. Possibly, answers (of this manual) to question 1 or 4 will help you. Q.12: When I send a request to unlock FRP, I receive the following messages: Reading FRP/Reactivation lock data.. Service is busy! Please try again later! A.12: At this moment FRP unlock service is unavailable. Recommended to check the current status of the server here. Please be advised, if you submit a request to unlock FRP and server’s status would be “unavailable”, your credits won’t be returned back on your account.

Octoplus Suite Outstanding Features

  • Direct Unlock
  • Repair IMEI
  • Repair TA
  • Read/Write TA (no charge)
  • Read Info. (no charge)
  • Write Firmware for FREE!

Octoplus Suite Supported Models

Sony Ericsson

  • E-series: E10a, E10i, E15a, E15i, E16a, E16i
  • LT-series: LT15a, LT15at, LT15i, LT18a, LT18i
  • MK-series: MK16a, MK16i
  • MT-series: MT11a, MT11i, MT15a, MT15i
  • R-series: R800, R800a, R800at, R800i, R800x
  • SC-0-series: SC-01B
  • SK-series: SK17a, SK17i
  • SO-0-series: SO-01B, SO-01C, SO-02C, SO-03C
  • ST-series: ST15a, ST15i, ST17a, ST17i, ST18a, ST18i
  • U-series: U20a, U20i
  • WT-series: WT19a, WT19i
  • X-series: X10a, X10i
  • Z-series: Z1i


  • C-series: C1504, C1505, C1604, C1605, C1904, C1905, C2004, C2005, C6603, C6903, D2203, E2312, E6553
  • D-series: D2203
  • E-series: E2312, E6553
  • LT-series: LT26i
  • ST-series: ST21a, ST21a2, ST21i, ST21i2, ST23a, ST23a2, ST23i, ST23i2, ST26a, ST26i


  • A-series: A230, A261+
  • F-series: F100
  • GR-series: GR220, GR222, GR236M, GR250
  • GS-series: GS516
  • GX-series: GX760, GX761
  • MF-series: MF100, MF190S, MF591 (FW: BD_MF591V1.0.0B07)
  • N-series: N261, N281
  • Orange -series: Orange MIAMI, Orange Rio, Orange Vegas
  • P-series: P736V
  • S-series: S508
  • SFR -series: SFR 114, SFR 132, SFR 151, SFR 231, SFR 232, SFR 241, SFR 251, SFR 251MSN, SFR 341, SFR 342, SFR 343
  • T-Mobile -series: T-Mobile Vairy Touch
  • TMN -series: TMN BlueBelt, TMN BlueBelt II, TMN Ministone, TMN SilverBelt, TMN SoftStone
  • Vodafone -series: Vodafone INDIE
  • X-series: X630, X632, X760, X761, X960, X990, X991
  • Z-series: Z525


  • OT-C-series: OT-C700, OT-C701, OT-C707, OT-C717, OT-C820
  • OT-S-series: OT-S215, OT-S218, OT-S319, OT-S320, OT-S321, OT-S520
  • OT-V-series: OT-V670
  • S-series: S220L
  • X-series: X030X, X060S, X070S, X080S, X090S, X100X, X200S, X200X, X210S, X210X, X215S, X220S, X225L, X225S, X228L, X230E, X230L, X230S


  • IM-A-series: IM-A600S, IM-A630K, IM-A650S, IM-A690S
  • IM-R-series: IM-R470S, IM-R520S
  • IM-S-series: IM-S350, IM-S370, IM-S380K, IM-S410K, IM-S500K, IM-S550S, IM-S610K
  • IM-U-series: IM-U310, IM-U440S, IM-U460K, IM-U490S, IM-U530K, IM-U570K, IM-U585S, IM-U590S, IM-U660K


  • E-series: E153, E153 (11.609.18.20.883), E153 (11.609.18.21.135), E153 (11.609.18.22.883), E153 (FW 11.609.18.20.174), E153 (FW 11.609.18.20.222), E1550, E1550 (Idea India, FW:11.609.20.02.356), E1550 (Idea India, FW:11.609.20.03.356), E1552, E1553, E156, E156B (Telcel Mexico, FW: 11.608.05.00.46), E156G, E158 (FW 11.609.20.00.174), E158 FW 11.609.18.01.158, E160G, E161, E173, E173 (Airtel Nigeria, FW:, E173 (Airtel Tanzania, FW:, E173 (Beeline Uzbekistan, FW:, E173 (FV, E173 (FW, E173 (Metfone Combodia, FW:, E173 (MobiFone Vietnam, FW:, E173 (Mobinil Egypt, FW:, E173 (MTS Uzbekistan, FW:, E173 (MTS Uzbekistan, FW:, E173 (MTS Uzbekistan, FW:, E173 (Safaricom Kenya, FW:, E173 (Safaricom Kenya, FW:, E173 (Vietell Vietnam, FW:, E173 (Vietnamobile, FW:, E1731, E1731 (Airtel India, FW:, E1731 (Airtel India, FW:, E1731 (Airtel India, FW:, E1732, E1732 (Idea India, FW:, E1732 (Idea India, FW:, E1732 (Idea India, FW: Build: MAR 04 2011 12:28:46), E1750, E1762, E220, E270, E271, E272, E303, E303 HiLink, E303s HiLink, E3121, E3131, E3131 HiLink, E3251 HiLink, E3276, E352, E352b, E353, E353 HiLink, E355, E357, E359, E367, E368, E369, E372, E392, E397, E398, E586, E587, E612, E618, E620, E630, E630+, E660, E660A, E756, E800, E870, E880
  • K-series: K3765, K3765 (Vodafone Egypt, FW:, K3770, K3771, K3772, K4505, K4510, K4511, K4605, K5005
  • U-series: U8655-51


  • Galaxy S-series: Galaxy S SC-02B
  • Galaxy Tab-series: Galaxy Tab SC-01C
  • G-series: G9500, G9508, G950D, G950F, G950FD, G950J, G950N, G950U, G950U1, G950V, G950W
  • GT-5-series: GT-5570, GT-5570B, GT-5570L
  • GT-B-series: GT-B2710, GT-B2710D, GT-B3210, GT-B3210M, GT-B3310, GT-B3313, GT-B3410, GT-B3410L, GT-B3410W, GT-B5330, GT-B5330B, GT-B5330L, GT-B5510, GT-B5510B, GT-B5510L, GT-B5512, GT-B5512B, GT-B7510, GT-B7510L, GT-B7722
  • GT-C-series: GT-C3010, GT-C3010S, GT-C3011, GT-C3050, GT-C3050C, GT-C3200, GT-C3200G, GT-C3212, GT-C3212I , GT-C3222, GT-C3222W, GT-C3262, GT-C3300, GT-C3300D, GT-C3300I, GT-C3300K, GT-C3303, GT-C3303I, GT-C3303K, GT-C3310, GT-C3310R, GT-C3312, GT-C3312R, GT-C3312S, GT-C3313T, GT-C3322, GT-C3322i, GT-C3322W, GT-C3330, GT-C3332, GT-C3350, GT-C3500, GT-C3510, GT-C3510N, GT-C3510T, GT-C3520, GT-C3530, GT-C3560, GT-C3590, GT-C3592, GT-C3595, GT-C3750, GT-C3752, GT-C3780, GT-C3782, GT-C5010, GT-C5010B, GT-C5010E, GT-C5212I, GT-C5510, GT-C6112, GT-C6112C, GT-C6712
  • GT-E-series: GT-E1050, GT-E1050I, GT-E1050V , GT-E1055G, GT-E1055T, GT-E1070, GT-E1070C, GT-E1070M, GT-E1070T, GT-E1080, GT-E1080C, GT-E1080F, GT-E1080I, GT-E1080T, GT-E1080W, GT-E1081T, GT-E1085F, GT-E1085L, GT-E1086, GT-E1086I, GT-E1086L, GT-E1087T, GT-E1088C, GT-E1100T, GT-E1105F, GT-E1105T, GT-E1120 , GT-E1130B, GT-E1150, GT-E1150C, GT-E1150I, GT-E1151, GT-E1153, GT-E1153I, GT-E1155L, GT-E1170, GT-E1170I, GT-E1170T, GT-E1175T, GT-E1190, GT-E1195, GT-E1200, GT-E1200I, GT-E1200M, GT-E1200R, GT-E1200T, GT-E1200Y, GT-E1202, GT-E1202C, GT-E1202I, GT-E1205L, GT-E1205M, GT-E1205Q, GT-E1205T, GT-E1205Y, GT-E1207T, GT-E1207Y, GT-E1210, GT-E1210S, GT-E1220, GT-E1220T, GT-E1225T, GT-E123, GT-E1230, GT-E1230T, GT-E1232B, GT-E1232D, GT-E1260, GT-E1260B, GT-E1270, GT-E1272, GT-E1272I, GT-E1280, GT-E1282T, GT-E1310, GT-E1310B, GT-E1310C, GT-E1310E, GT-E1310M, GT-E1310S, GT-E1360, GT-E1360B, GT-E1360M, GT-E1360S, GT-E1500, GT-E210, GT-E2120, GT-E2120B, GT-E2120L, GT-E2121, GT-E2121B, GT-E2121L, GT-E2152, GT-E2152I, GT-E2152L, GT-E2200, GT-E2202, GT-E2210 , GT-E2210B , GT-E2210C, GT-E2210L, GT-E2220, GT-E2222, GT-E2230, GT-E2230L, GT-E2230M, GT-E2232, GT-E2250, GT-E2252, GT-E2262, GT-E2330, GT-E2330B, GT-E2350, GT-E2350B, GT-E2370, GT-E2530, GT-E2550, GT-E2600, GT-E2652, GT-E2652W, GT-E3210, GT-E3213K, GT-E3217L, GT-E3300, GT-E3300I, GT-E3300L, GT-E3309
  • GT-I-series: GT-I5500, GT-I5500B, GT-I5500L, GT-I5500M, GT-I5503, GT-I5503T, GT-I5508, GT-I5510, GT-I5510L, GT-I5510M, GT-I5510T, GT-I5700, GT-I5700E, GT-I5700L, GT-I5800, GT-I5800L, GT-I5801, GT-I6712, GT-I7500L, GT-I8150, GT-I8150B, GT-I8150T, GT-I8160, GT-I8160L, GT-I8160P, GT-I8190, GT-I8190L, GT-I8190N, GT-I8190T, GT-I8200, GT-I8200L, GT-I8200N, GT-I8200Q, GT-I8260, GT-I8260B, GT-I8260E, GT-I8260L, GT-I8262, GT-I8262B, GT-I8262D, GT-I8262E, GT-I8262L, GT-I8320, GT-I8350, GT-I8350T, GT-I8530, GT-I8530C, GT-I8550, GT-I8550E, GT-I8550L, GT-I8552, GT-I8552B, GT-I8730, GT-I8730T, GT-I8750, GT-I9000, GT-I9000B, GT-I9000M, GT-I9000T, GT-I9001, GT-I9003, GT-I9003L, GT-I9010, GT-I9020, GT-I9020A, GT-I9020T, GT-I9023, GT-I9060, GT-I9060C, GT-I9060I, GT-I9060L, GT-I9060M, GT-I9063T, GT-I9070, GT-I9070C, GT-I9070H, GT-I9070P, GT-I9080, GT-I9080L, GT-I9082, GT-I9082L, GT-I9100, GT-I9100G, GT-I9100M, GT-I9100P, GT-I9100T, GT-I9103, GT-I9105, GT-I9105P, GT-I9108, GT-I9128V, GT-I9150, GT-I9152, GT-I9190, GT-I9192, GT-I9195, GT-I9195I, GT-I9195L, GT-I9195T, GT-I9197, GT-I9198, GT-I9200, GT-I9205, GT-I9206, GT-I9207, GT-I9208, GT-I9210, GT-I9210T, GT-I9250, GT-I9250M, GT-I9250T, GT-I9260, GT-I9268, GT-I9295, GT-I9300, GT-I9300C, GT-I9300I, GT-I9300T, GT-I9301i, GT-I9305, GT-I9305N, GT-I9305T, GT-I9308, GT-I9308I, GT-I9500, GT-I9502, GT-I9505, GT-I9506, GT-I9515, GT-I9515L, GT-II8200Q
  • GT-N-series: GT-N5100, GT-N5105, GT-N5110, GT-N7000, GT-N7000B, GT-N7005, GT-N7100, GT-N7100T, GT-N7102, GT-N7105, GT-N7105T, GT-N7108, GT-N8000, GT-N8005, GT-N8010, GT-N8013
  • GT-P-series: GT-P1000, GT-P1000L, GT-P1000M, GT-P1000N, GT-P1000R, GT-P1000T, GT-P1010, GT-P3100, GT-P3100B, GT-P3110, GT-P3113, GT-P5100, GT-P5110, GT-P5113, GT-P5200, GT-P5210, GT-P5220, GT-P6201, GT-P6800, GT-P6810, GT-P7300, GT-P7300B, GT-P7300C, GT-P7310, GT-P7510
  • GT-S-series: GT-S3330, GT-S3332, GT-S3350, GT-S3353, GT-S3370, GT-S3370B, GT-S3370L, GT-S3370Y, GT-S3550, GT-S3550L, GT-S3570, GT-S3572, GT-S3650, GT-S3650C, GT-S3650M, GT-S3650W, GT-S3653, GT-S3653M, GT-S3653W, GT-S3770, GT-S3770K, GT-S3770M, GT-S3800W, GT-S3802, GT-S3802W, GT-S3850, GT-S5220, GT-S5220R, GT-S5222, GT-S5229, GT-S5230, GT-S5230G, GT-S5230H, GT-S5230K, GT-S5230N, GT-S5230W, GT-S5233A, GT-S5233S, GT-S5233T, GT-S5233W, GT-S5250, GT-S5250L, GT-S5250W, GT-S5253, GT-S5260, GT-S5260L, GT-S5260P, GT-S5263, GT-S5270K, GT-S5270L, GT-S5270Y, GT-S5280, GT-S5282, GT-S5292, GT-S5296, GT-S5300, GT-S5300B, GT-S5300L, GT-S5301, GT-S5301B, GT-S5301L, GT-S5302, GT-S5302B, GT-S5303, GT-S5310, GT-S5310B, GT-S5310E, GT-S5310G, GT-S5310L, GT-S5310R, GT-S5310U, GT-S5312, GT-S5312L, GT-S5330, GT-S5333, GT-S5360, GT-S5360B, GT-S5360L, GT-S5360T, GT-S5363, GT-S5367, GT-S5369, GT-S5380, GT-S5380B, GT-S5380D, GT-S5380F, GT-S5380G, GT-S5380K, GT-S5510 , GT-S5510T , GT-S5511, GT-S5560I, GT-S5570, GT-S5570B, GT-S5570I, GT-S5570L, GT-S5578, GT-S5600, GT-S5600H, GT-S5600L, GT-S5603, GT-S5603T, GT-S5610, GT-S5610K, GT-S5611, GT-S5611V, GT-S5620, GT-S5620B, GT-S5620L, GT-S5620P, GT-S5620R, GT-S5628, GT-S5628I, GT-S5660, GT-S5660L, GT-S5660M, GT-S5660V, GT-S5670, GT-S5670B, GT-S5670L, GT-S5690, GT-S5690L, GT-S5690M, GT-S5690R, GT-S5750, GT-S5750E, GT-S5753, GT-S5753E, GT-S5780, GT-S5830, GT-S58301, GT-S5830B, GT-S5830C, GT-S5830D, GT-S5830G, GT-S5830I, GT-S5830L, GT-S5830M, GT-S5830T, GT-S5830V, GT-S5830Z, GT-S5838, GT-S5839I, GT-S6010, GT-S6010L, GT-S6010W, GT-S6012, GT-S6102, GT-S6102B, GT-S6102E, GT-S6102Z, GT-S6310, GT-S6310L, GT-S6310N, GT-S6310T, GT-S6312, GT-S6352, GT-S6500, GT-S6500D, GT-S6500L, GT-S6500T, GT-S6790, GT-S6790E, GT-S6790L, GT-S6790N, GT-S6792L, GT-S6800, GT-S6802, GT-S6802B, GT-S6810, GT-S6810B, GT-S6810E, GT-S6810L, GT-S6810M, GT-S6810P, GT-S6812, GT-S6812B, GT-S6812C, GT-S6812I, GT-S7070, GT-S7070C, GT-S7230E, GT-S7233E, GT-S7250, GT-S7250D, GT-S7262, GT-S7270, GT-S7270L, GT-S7272, GT-S7272C, GT-S7273T, GT-S7275, GT-S7275B, GT-S7275R, GT-S7275T, GT-S7275Y, GT-S7390, GT-S7390E, GT-S7390G, GT-S7390L, GT-S7392, GT-S7392L, GT-S7500, GT-S7500L, GT-S7500T, GT-S7508, GT-S7530, GT-S7560, GT-S7560M, GT-S7562, GT-S7562I, GT-S7562L, GT-S7572, GT-S7580, GT-S7580L, GT-S7582, GT-S7582L, GT-S7583T, GT-S7710, GT-S7710L, GT-S8000, GT-S8000B, GT-S8000C, GT-S8000H, GT-S8000L, GT-S8000M, GT-S8003, GT-S8500, GT-S8500B, GT-S8500L, GT-S8500M, GT-S8530, GT-S8530B, GT-S8530C, GT-S8530L, GT-S8600
  • GT-T-series: GT-T989, GT-T989D
  • J-series: J530F, J530FM, J530G, J530GM, J530K, J530L, J530Y, J530YM, J700T, J700T1, J730F, J730FM, J730G, J730GM, J730K
  • N-series: N9500, N9508, N950F, N950FD, N950N, N950U, N950U1, N950W
  • SC-0-series: SC-01D, SC-01E, SC-01F, SC-01G, SC-01K, SC-02C, SC-02E, SC-02F, SC-03D, SC-03E, SC-04E, SC-04F, SC-04G, SC-05D, SC-05G, SC-06D
  • SCV-series: SCV37
  • SCH-I-series: SCH-I435, SCH-I535, SCH-I997
  • SCH-M-series: SCH-M490, SCH-M710, SCH-M715
  • SCH-N-series: SCH-N719
  • SCH-R-series: SCH-R960
  • SCH-W-series: SCH-W200, SCH-W210, SCH-W240, SCH-W270, SCH-W290, SCH-W300, SCH-W330, SCH-W350, SCH-W360, SCH-W380, SCH-W390, SCH-W390M, SCH-W410, SCH-W420, SCH-W450, SCH-W460, SCH-W460R, SCH-W510, SCH-W550, SCH-W560, SCH-W570, SCH-W580, SCH-W590, SCH-W690, SCH-W720, SCH-W740, SCH-W750, SCH-W760, SCH-W770, SCH-W830, SCH-W850, SCH-W860, SCH-W900, SCH-W920, SCH-W930
  • SCL-series: SCL24
  • SGH-A-series: SGH-A157, SGH-A177, SGH-A257, SGH-A517 , SGH-A667, SGH-A667T, SGH-A767, SGH-A777, SGH-A817, SGH-A847, SGH-A847D, SGH-A847M, SGH-A847R, SGH-A877, SGH-A887, SGH-A927, SGH-A997
  • SGH-B-series: SGH-B2100
  • SGH-C-series: SGH-C414, SGH-C414M, SGH-C414R, SGH-C414V, SGH-C414W, SGH-C414Y
  • SGH-I-series: SGH-I187, SGH-I257, SGH-I257M, SGH-I317, SGH-I317M, SGH-I337, SGH-I337M, SGH-I337Z, SGH-I407, SGH-I437, SGH-I437P, SGH-I437Z, SGH-I497, SGH-I527, SGH-I527M, SGH-I537, SGH-I545, SGH-I547, SGH-I547C, SGH-I577, SGH-I667L, SGH-I677, SGH-I677L, SGH-I677T, SGH-I717, SGH-I717D, SGH-I717M, SGH-I717R, SGH-I727, SGH-I727R, SGH-I747, SGH-I747D, SGH-I747M, SGH-I757M, SGH-I777, SGH-I827, SGH-I827D, SGH-I847, SGH-I8700, SGH-I897, SGH-I917, SGH-I917R, SGH-I937, SGH-I957, SGH-I957D, SGH-I957M, SGH-I957R, SGH-I997R
  • SGH-M-series: SGH-M919, SGH-M919M, SGH-M919V
  • SGH-S-series: SGH-S275M, SGH-S275R, SGH-S730M
  • SGH-T-series: SGH-T159V, SGH-T199, SGH-T259, SGH-T289, SGH-T359, SGH-T379, SGH-T399, SGH-T399N, SGH-T469, SGH-T469V, SGH-T469W, SGH-T479, SGH-T479B, SGH-T499, SGH-T499V, SGH-T499Y, SGH-T589, SGH-T589R, SGH-T589W, SGH-T599, SGH-T599N, SGH-T599V, SGH-T669, SGH-T679, SGH-T679M, SGH-T699, SGH-T759, SGH-T769, SGH-T839, SGH-T879, SGH-T889, SGH-T889V, SGH-T899, SGH-T899M, SGH-T939, SGH-T959, SGH-T959P, SGH-T959v, SGH-T989, SGH-T989D, SGH-T999, SGH-T999L, SGH-T999N, SGH-T999V
  • SHV-E-series: SHV-E110S, SHV-E120K, SHV-E120L, SHV-E120S, SHV-E140S, SHV-E150S, SHV-E160K, SHV-E160L, SHV-E160S, SHV-E170K, SHV-E170L, SHV-E170S, SHV-E210K, SHV-E210L, SHV-E210S, SHV-E250K, SHV-E250S, SHV-E270K, SHV-E270S, SHV-E275S, SHV-E300K, SHV-E300L, SHV-E300S, SHV-E330K , SHV-E330L, SHV-E330S , SHV-E370K, SHV-E470S, SHV-E500L, SHV-E500S
  • SHW-A-series: SHW-A110K, SHW-A110S, SHW-A130S, SHW-A160S, SHW-A180S, SHW-A210S, SHW-A220S, SHW-A250K, SHW-A250S, SHW-A300S
  • SHW-M-series: SHW-M100S, SHW-M110S, SHW-M130K, SHW-M180S, SHW-M190S, SHW-M240S, SHW-M250K, SHW-M250S, SHW-M250S, SHW-M290K, SHW-M340S, SHW-M440, SHW-M440S
  • SM-A-series: SM-A3000, SM-A3009, SM-A300F, SM-A300FU, SM-A300G, SM-A300H, SM-A300M, SM-A300Y, SM-A300YZ, SM-A310F, SM-A310FD, SM-A310M, SM-A310MD, SM-A310N0, SM-A310Y, SM-A320F, SM-A320FL, SM-A320Y, SM-A5000, SM-A500F, SM-A500F1, SM-A500FD, SM-A500FQ, SM-A500FU, SM-A500G, SM-A500H, SM-A500HQ, SM-A500K, SM-A500L, SM-A500M, SM-A500S, SM-A500W, SM-A500XZ, SM-A500Y, SM-A500YZ, SM-A5100, SM-A5108, SM-A510F, SM-A510FD, SM-A510K, SM-A510L, SM-A510M, SM-A510MD, SM-A510S, SM-A510Y, SM-A510YD, SM-A520F, SM-A520K, SM-A520L, SM-A520S, SM-A520W, A530F, A530N, A530W, SM-A7000, SM-A7009, SM-A700F, SM-A700FD, SM-A700FQ, SM-A700FZ, SM-A700H, SM-A700K, SM-A700L, SM-A700M, SM-A700S, SM-A700YD, SM-A700YZ, SM-A7100, SM-A7108, SM-A710F, SM-A710FD, SM-A710K, SM-A710L, SM-A710M, SM-A710MD, SM-A710S, SM-A710Y, SM-A720F, A730F, A730N, SM-A800F, SM-A800I, SM-A800IZ, SM-A800S, SM-A800YZ, SM-A9000, SM-A9000K, SM-A9100, SM-A910F, SM-A910FD
  • SM-B-series: SM-B105E, SM-B109E, SM-B110E, SM-B310E, SM-B312E , SM-B312EH, SM-B313E, SM-B350E, SM-B360E
  • SM-C-series: SM-C101, SM-C105, SM-C105A, SM-C105K, SM-C105L, SM-C105S, SM-C111, SM-C115, SM-C115M, SM-C5000, SM-C5010, SM-C7000, SM-C700S, SM-C7010, SM-C9000, SM-C900F, SM-C900Y
  • SM-E-series: SM-E500F, SM-E500H, SM-E500HQ, SM-E500M, SM-E500YZ, SM-E7000, SM-E700F, SM-E700H, SM-E700M
  • SM-G-series: SM-G110B, SM-G110H, SM-G110M, SM-G130BT, SM-G130BU, SM-G130E, SM-G130H , SM-G130HN , SM-G130M, SM-G130U, SM-G150N0, SM-G150NK, SM-G150NL, SM-G150NS, SM-G155S, SM-G1600, SM-G310HN, SM-G313H, SM-G313HN, SM-G313HU, SM-G313HY, SM-G313HZ, SM-G313M, SM-G313ML, SM-G313MU, SM-G313MY, SM-G313U, SM-G316H, SM-G316HU, SM-G316M, SM-G316ML, SM-G316MY, SM-G316U, SM-G318H, SM-G318HZ, SM-G318ML, SM-G318MZ, SM-G350, SM-G350E, SM-G350L, SM-G350M, SM-G355H, SM-G355HN, SM-G355HQ, SM-G355M, SM-G357F, SM-G357FZ, SM-G357M, SM-G3606, SM-G3608, SM-G3609, SM-G360AZ, SM-G360BT, SM-G360F, SM-G360FY, SM-G360G, SM-G360GY, SM-G360H, SM-G360HU, SM-G360M, SM-G360P, SM-G360T, SM-G360T1, SM-G361F, SM-G361H, SM-G361HU, SM-G3812, SM-G3812B, SM-G3815, SM-G3818, SM-G3819, SM-G386F, SM-G386W, SM-G388F, SM-G389F, SM-G390F, SM-G390W, SM-G390Y, SM-G5108, SM-G5108Q, SM-G5109, SM-G5308W, SM-G5309W, SM-G530A, SM-G530BT, SM-G530F, SM-G530FQ, SM-G530FZ, SM-G530H, SM-G530M, SM-G530P, SM-G530T, SM-G530T1, SM-G530Y, SM-G531BT, SM-G531F, SM-G531H, SM-G531Y, SM-G532F, SM-G532FD, SM-G532G, SM-G532M, SM-G532MT, SM-G5500, SM-G550F, SM-G550FY, SM-G550T, SM-G550T2, SM-G5510, SM-G5700, SM-G570F, SM-G570FD, SM-G570M, SM-G570MD, SM-G570Y, SM-G6000, SM-G600F, SM-G600FY, SM-G600S, SM-G6100, SM-G610F, SM-G610FD, SM-G610FZ, SM-G610M, SM-G610L, SM-G610K, SM-G610S, SM-G610Y, SM-G710, SM-G7102 , SM-G7102T, SM-G7105, SM-J7108, SM-G7105L, SM-J710F, SM-J710FQ, SM-J710FZ, SM-J710FD, SM-J710FN, SM-J710GN, SM-G710K, SM-G710L, SM-J710MN, SM-G710S, SM-G7200, SM-G7202, SM-G720AX, SM-G720NO, SM-G730A, SM-G730M, SM-G730W8, SM-G7508Q, SM-G7509, SM-G750A, SM-G750F, SM-G750H, SM-G800F, SM-G800H, SM-G800HQ, SM-G800I, SM-G800M, SM-G800Y, SM-G850A, SM-G850F, SM-G850FQ, SM-G850M, SM-G850T, SM-G850Y, SM-G860P, SM-G870A, SM-G870D, SM-G870F, SM-G870F0, SM-G870W, SM-G890A, SM-G891A, SM-G892U, SM-G9006V, SM-G9006W, SM-G9008V, SM-G9008W, SM-G9009D, SM-G9009W, SM-G900A, SM-G900F, SM-G900FD, SM-G900FG, SM-G900H, SM-G900I, SM-G900K, SM-G900L, SM-G900M, SM-G900MD, SM-G900P , SM-G900S, SM-G900T, SM-G900T2, SM-G900T3, SM-G900W8, SM-G901F, SM-G903F, SM-G903FD, SM-G903M, SM-G903W, SM-G906K, SM-G906L, SM-G906S, SM-G9105, SM-G910S, SM-G9200, SM-G9208, SM-G9209, SM-G920A, SM-G920AZ, SM-G920D, SM-G920F, SM-G920FD, SM-G920FZ, SM-G920I, SM-G920K, SM-G920L, SM-G920P, SM-G920R4, SM-G920S, SM-G920T, SM-G920W8, SM-G9250, SM-G925A, SM-G925F, SM-G925FQ, SM-G925I, SM-G925K, SM-G925L, SM-G925P, SM-G925S, SM-G925T, SM-G925W8, SM-G9287, SM-G9287C, SM-G928C, SM-G928F, SM-G928G, SM-G928I, SM-G928K, SM-G928L, SM-G928N0, SM-G928P, SM-G928S, SM-G928T, SM-G928W8, SM-G9300, SM-G9308, SM-G930F, SM-G930FD, SM-G930K, SM-G930L, SM-G930P, SM-G930S, SM-G930T, SM-G930U, SM-G930V, SM-G930W8, SM-G9350, SM-G935F, SM-G935FD, SM-G935K, SM-G935L, SM-G935P, SM-G935S, SM-G935T, SM-G935U, SM-G935V, SM-G935W8, SM-G950U, G950U1, SM-G955U, G955U1
  • SM-J-series: SM-J100F, SM-J100FN, SM-J100G, SM-J100H, SM-J100M, SM-J100ML, SM-J100MU, SM-J100MV, SM-J100VPP, SM-J100Y, SM-J105B, SM-J105F, SM-J105H, SM-J105M, SM-J105Y, SM-J106B, SM-J106M, SM-J110F, SM-J110G, SM-J110H, SM-J110L, SM-J110M, SM-J111F, SM-J111M, SM-J120A, SM-J120AZ, SM-J120F, SM-J120FN, SM-J120G, SM-J120H, SM-J120M, SM-J120P, SM-J120W, SM-J120ZN, SM-J200BT, SM-J200F, SM-J200G, SM-J200GU, SM-J200H, SM-J200M, SM-J200Y, SM-J210FD, SM-J250F, SM-J250G, SM-J250M, SM-J3110, SM-J3119, SM-J320A, SM-J320AZ, SM-J320F, SM-J320FN, SM-J320G, SM-J320H, SM-J320M, SM-J320MU, SM-J320P, SM-J320W8, SM-J320ZN, SM-J321AZ, SM-J326A, SM-J326AZ, SM-J327A, SM-J327AZ, SM-J327P, SM-J327T, SM-J327T1, SM-J500F, SM-J500FN, SM-J500G, SM-J500H, SM-J500M, SM-J500NO, SM-J500Y, SM-J5108, SM-J510F, SM-J510FN, SM-J510G, SM-J510H, SM-J510K, SM-J510L, SM-J510MN, SM-J510N, SM-J510S, SM-J510U, SM-J700F, SM-J700H, SM-J700M, SM-J7108, SM-J710F, SM-J710FD, SM-J710FN, SM-J710FQ, SM-J710FZ, SM-J710GN, SM-J710K, SM-J710MN, SM-J727P, SM-J727T, SM-J727T1, SM-J727V
  • SM-N-series: SM-N-series: SM-N750, SM-N7500Q, SM-N7502, SM-N7505, SM-N7505L, SM-N900, SM-N9000Q, SM-N9002, SM-N9005, SM-N900A, SM-N900K, SM-N900L, SM-N900P, SM-N900Q, SM-N900S, SM-N900T, SM-N900V, SM-N900W8, SM-N910A, SM-N910C, SM-N910F, SM-N910G, SM-N910H, SM-N910K, SM-N910L, SM-N910P, SM-N910S, SM-N910T, SM-N910U, SM-N910V, SM-N910W8, SM-N9150, SM-N915A, SM-N915D, SM-N915F, SM-N915FY, SM-N915G, SM-N915P, SM-N915S, SM-N915T, SM-N915W8, SM-N916K, SM-N916L, SM-N916S, SM-N9200, SM-N9208, SM-N920A, SM-N920C, SM-N920CD, SM-N920F, SM-N920G, SM-N920I, SM-N920K, SM-N920L, SM-N920P, SM-N920S, SM-N920T, SM-N920W8, SM-N9300, SM-N930A, SM-N930F, SM-N930FD, SM-N930K, SM-N930L, SM-N930P, SM-N930R4, SM-N930S, SM-N930T, SM-N930U, SM-N930W8, SM-N950U, N950U1
  • SM-P-series: SM-P350, SM-P355, SM-P355C, SM-P355M, SM-P355Y, SM-P550, SM-P555, SM-P555C, SM-P555K, SM-P555L, SM-P555M, SM-P555S, SM-P555Y, SM-P585M, SM-P585N, SM-P585Y, SM-P601, SM-P602 , SM-P605, SM-P605M, SM-P605S, SM-P605V, SM-P607A, SM-P607T, SM-P901, SM-P902, SM-P905, SM-P905F0, SM-P905M, SM-P905V, SM-P907A, SM-P907T
  • SM-R-series: SM-R750, SM-R750A, SM-R750B, SM-R750D, SM-R750J, SM-R750T, SM-R750W
  • SM-T-series: SM-T111, SM-T111M, SM-T111NQ, SM-T113, SM-T116, SM-T116BU, SM-T116IR, SM-T116NQ, SM-T116NU, SM-T116NY, SM-T210, SM-T2105, SM-T211, SM-T211M, SM-T217A, SM-T230, SM-T230NT, SM-T230NU, SM-T231, SM-T232, SM-T237P, SM-T2397, SM-T239C, SM-T239M, SM-T2556, SM-T2558, SM-T255S, SM-T280, SM-T280Q, SM-T280QZ, SM-T285, SM-T285M, SM-T285YD, SM-T287, SM-T310, SM-T311, SM-T312, SM-T315, SM-T315T, SM-T320, SM-T320NU, SM-T321, SM-T321A, SM-T325, SM-T330, SM-T331, SM-T331C, SM-T332, SM-T335, SM-T335F3, SM-T335K, SM-T335L, SM-T337A, SM-T337T, SM-T350, SM-T355, SM-T355C, SM-T355Y, SM-T357T, SM-T357W, SM-T365, SM-T365FO, SM-T365M, SM-T365Y, SM-T375L, SM-T375S, SM-T377P, SM-T377T, SM-T377W, SM-T385, SM-T385C, SM-T525, SM-T530, SM-T530NU, SM-T531, SM-T532, SM-T533, SM-T535, SM-T537A, SM-T537R4, SM-T537V, SM-T550, SM-T555, SM-T555C, SM-T560, SM-T561, SM-T561M, SM-T561Y, SM-T562, SM-T580, SM-T585, SM-T585C, SM-T677A, SM-T677K, SM-T677L, SM-T677NK, SM-T677NL, SM-T705, SM-T705C, SM-T705M, SM-T705W, SM-T705Y, SM-T707A, SM-T707V, SM-T710, SM-T715, SM-T715C, SM-T715N0, SM-T715Y, SM-T719C, SM-T719Y, SM-T805, SM-T805C, SM-T805M, SM-T805Y, SM-T807A, SM-T807J, SM-T807P, SM-T807R4, SM-T807V, SM-T810, SM-T815, SM-T815C, SM-T815N0, SM-T815Y, SM-T817P, SM-T817T, SM-T817W, SM-T818A, SM-T818T, SM-T818V, SM-T818W, SM-T819C, SM-T819Y, SM-T900, SM-T905
  • SM-W-series: SM-W2014, SM-W2015, SM-W2017
  • SM-Z-series: SM-Z130H, SM-Z200F, SM-Z200M, SM-Z200Y, SM-Z300F, SM-Z300FD, SM-Z300H
  • SoftBank-series: SoftBank 708SC, SoftBank 805SC, SoftBank SC-04D, SoftBank707SC, SoftBank940SC, SoftBankX01SC
  • SPH-G-series: SPH-G930
  • SPH-L-series: SPH-L710, SPH-L720, SPH-L720T, SPH-L900
  • SPH-M-series: SPH-M8400
  • SPH-W-series: SPH-W2400, SPH-W2500, SPH-W2700, SPH-W2900, SPH-W3000, SPH-W3500, SPH-W4100, SPH-W4200, SPH-W4700, SPH-W5000, SPH-W5200, SPH-W5300, SPH-W5310, SPH-W5500, SPH-W5700, SPH-W5900, SPH-W6300, SPH-W6310, SPH-W7100, SPH-W7700, SPH-W7900, SPH-W8300, SPH-W8400, SPH-W8700, SPH-W9000, SPH-W9300, SPH-W9500
  • T-series: T670, T677A, T677K , T677L, T677NK, T677NL
  • YP-G-series: YP-G70


  • A-series: A100, A100a, A100GO, A110, A130, A133, A133CH, A133GO, A133R, A155, A160, A165, A170, A170GO, A175, A175a, A175b, A180, A180a, A180b, A190, A190a, A190b, A200, A225, A225GO, A230, A235, A250, A258, A270, A270E, A271, A275, A290, A310, A340, A341, A380, A390, A395, A399, A447, A7100, A7150
  • AS-series: AS323, AS330, AS870
  • B-series: B200, B200A, B200E, B2000, B2050, B2060, B2070, B2100, B2150, B220, B220A, B200, B200A, B200E, B525
  • BL-series: BL20, BL20cf, BL20df, BL20e, BL20GO, BL20t, BL20v, BL40, BL40e, BL40f, BL40g, BL42k
  • C-series: C100, C105, C1100, C1150, C1200, C1300, C1300i, C1400, C1500, C193, C195, C195N, C197, C199, C205, C2200, C297, C299, C300, C300GO, C305, C310, C3100, C320, C320i, C330, C3300, C330i, C3310, C3320, C333, C3380, C3400, C360, C3600, C360GO, C365, C370, C375, C395, C397, C398, C399, C410, C440, C441, C550, C555, C660, C660h, C660R, C710, C710h, C729, C729DW, C729DWDU, C729DWP, C729TN, C800, C800DG, C800DGDU, C800DGP, C800g, C800TKGO, C800VL, C800VLP, C900, C900B, C900k
  • CB-series: CB630
  • CE-series: CE110, CE500
  • CF-series: CF360, CF360GO, CF360GO1, CF750
  • CG-series: CG180, CG225
  • CT-series: CT810, CT815
  • CU-series: CU320, CU400, CU405, CU500, CU500V, CU515, CU575, CU720, CU915, CU920
  • D-series: D100, D100AR, D100F, D100G, D100J, D105, D105F, D107F, D120, D120AR, D120F, D120G, D120J, D125, D125F, D125G, D127F, D150, D150G, D157, D157F, D160, D160AR, D160F, D160G, D160GO, D160J, D160TR, D165, D165AR, D165F, D165G, D170, D175F, D180F, D213, D213AR, D213C, D213CF, D213CJ, D213F, D213K, D213N, D213TR, D221, D221C, D225, D227, D228, D280, D280AR, D280F, D280G, D280N, D280NR, D280TR, D285, D285F, D285G, D290, D290AR, D290G, D290J, D290N, D290TR, D295, D295F, D300f, D300g, D315, D315H, D315I, D315K, D315S, D320, D320AG, D320AR, D320F, D320F8, D320G8, D320J8, D320N, D320TR, D321, D325, D325F, D325F8, D325G8, D329, D331, D331TR, D335, D335E, D337, D370, D370TR, D373, D373EU, D375, D375AR, D380, D385, D390, D390AR, D390N, D390NS, D392, D392D, D392K, D393, D400, D400H, D400HN, D400N, D405, D405H, D405N, D405TR, D410, D410H, D410HN, D410N, D415, D415BK, D415RD, D415RDGO, D486, D500, D500BK, D500BKGO1, D505, D520, D520BK, D605, D610, D610AR, D610TR, D618, D620, D620FR, D620J, D620K, D620R, D625, D631, D680, D681, D682, D682TR, D683, D684, D685, D686, D690, D690N, D693, D693N, D693TR, D700, D722, D722AR, D722J, D722K, D722P, D722PA, D722V, D723, D723TR, D724, D725, D725P, D725PR, D725WP, D726, D727, D728, D729, D800, D800P, D800T, D801, D801BK, D801HW, D801WH, D801Z, D802, D802T, D802TA, D802TR, D803, D805, D806, D820, D820BK, D821, D830, D838, D850, D850PR, D850TR, D851, D851TN, D851WH , D852, D852G, D855, D855AR, D855K, D855P, D855TR, D855V, D856, D857, D858, D858HK, D859, D950, D950G, D950P, D950W, D951, D955, D956, D957, D958, D959, D959BK, D959TS
  • DM-series: DM-01G
  • E-series: E400, E400b, E400f, E400g, E400GO, E400r, E405, E405f, E410, E410b, E410C, E410f, E410g, E410i, E411f , E411g, E415, E415F, E415G, E420, E420F, E425, E425C, E425F, E425G, E425J, E430, E430GO, E431G, E435, E435F, E435G, E435K, E440, E440F, E440G, E440J, E445, E450, E450B, E450F, E450G, E450J, E451G, E455, E455F, E455G, E460, E460F, E465F, E465G, E467F, E470F, E475F, E510, E510f, E510g, E610, E610GO, E610v, E612, E612f, E612g, E615, E615f, E617G, E720, E720b, E720K, E730, E730f, E739, E739BK, E739BKDU, E739BKP, E739KW, E739KWDU, E739KWP, E900, E900h, E906, E960 (Nexus 4), E970, E970P, E971, E973, E975, E975G, E975K, E975R, E975T, E975W, E976, E977, E980, E980H, E980P, E981H, E985, E985T, E986, E987, E988, E989
  • F-series: F100S, F1200, F120K, F120L, F120S, F160K, F160L, F160LV, F160S, F180K, F180L, F180S, F200K, F200L, F200LS, F200S, F2100, F220DS, F220DSK, F220K, F220L, F220S, F2300, F2400, F240K, F240L, F240S, F2410, F3000, F300K, F300L, F300S, F310L, F310LR, F320K, F320L, F320S, F340K, F340L, F340S, F350K, F350L, F350S, F370K, F370L, F370S, F400K, F400L, F400S, F410S, FK430F, F430K, F430L, F430S, F440L, F460K, F460L, F460S, F470K, F470L, F470S, F480K, F480L, F480S, F500K, F500L, F500S, F510K, F510L, F510S, F520K, F520L, F520S, F540K, F540L, F540S, F560K, F570S, F600K, F600L, F600S, F610K, F610L, F610S, F620K, F620L, F620S, F650K, F650L, F650S, F670K, F670L, F670S, F700K, F700L, F700S, F7100, F720K, F720L, F720S, F750K, F800K, F800L
  • G-series: G1600, G1610, G1800, G3000, G3100, G350, G360, G4010, G4015, G4050, G420, G5300, G5300i, G5400, G5500, G5600, G7000, G7030, G7050, G7100, G7110, G7120
  • GB-series: GB100, GB101, GB102, GB102GO, GB105, GB106, GB107, GB108, GB109, GB110, GB115, GB125, GB125a, GB125R, GB126, GB130, GB160, GB160a, GB160b, GB161, GB165, GB170, GB175, GB190, GB190a, GB190b, GB195, GB210, GB220, GB220GO, GB220NGO, GB230, GB250, GB250f, GB250g, GB255, GB255B, GB255G, GB258, GB280
  • GC-series: GC900, GC900e, GC900f
  • GD-series: GD310, GD330, GD335, GD350, GD510, GD510GO, GD510N, GD510NGO, GD550, GD550e, GD570, GD570AQ, GD570AV, GD570AW, GD580, GD710, GD880, GD880f, GD880G, GD900, GD900e, GD900f, GD910, GD910c
  • GM-series: GM200, GM205, GM205GO, GM210, GM310, GM310F, GM310G, GM360, GM360GO, GM360i, GM600, GM630, GM730, GM730e, GM730f, GM735, GM750, GM750h, GM750n, GM750Q
  • GR-series: GR500, GR500F, GR500FD, GR500FGO, GR500R, GR500W, GR501, GR525g, GR700, GR700P
  • GS-series: GS100, GS101, GS101a, GS101GO, GS102, GS105, GS105GO, GS106, GS106a, GS107, GS107a, GS107b, GS108, GS117, GS155, GS155a, GS155b, GS170, GS190, GS200, GS205, GS290, GS290GO, GS290N, GS290NGO, GS390, GS390GO, GS500, GS500f, GS500g, GS500GO, GS500GX, GS500v, GS505
  • GT-series: GT350, GT350F, GT350GO, GT350i, GT360, GT365, GT370, GT400, GT400GO, GT405, GT500, GT500N, GT500s, GT505, GT505e, GT540, GT540f, GT540G, GT540GO, GT540R, GT550, GT810, GT810h, GT950
  • GU-series: GU200, GU200a, GU200b, GU200e, GU220, GU230, GU230GO, GU280, GU280f, GU282, GU285, GU285f, GU285g, GU290f, GU290fPO, GU292, GU292A, GU295, GU295F, GU295g, GU297, GU297a, GU920V
  • GW-series: GW300, GW300FD, GW300GO, GW305, GW330GO, GW370, GW370b, GW382f, GW520, GW520GO, GW525, GW550, GW550h, GW620, GW620F, GW620G, GW620GO, GW620R, GW820, GW825, GW825v
  • GX-series: GX200, GX300, GX500
  • H-series: H220, H221, H221AR, H221F, H221G, H222, H222F, H222G, H222TTV, H222TV, H320, H320AR, H320MB, H324, H324T, H324TR, H326G, H326T, H326TV, H340, H340AR, H340F, H340G, H340H, H340N, H340Y, H342, H342F, H342FT, H342TR, H342I, H343, H345, H410, H410YK, H420, H420F, H422, H422F, H422T, H422TV, H440, H440AR, H440F, H440N, H440V, H440Y, H442, H442F, H443, H445, H500, H500F, H500G, H500T, H500TR, H502, H502F, H502G, H502T, H502TV, H502Y, H520, H520F, H520G, H520Y, H522, H522F, H522Y, H525, H525N, H525TR, H540, H540D, H540F, H540T, H542, H542TR, H630, H630D, H630I, H631, H634, H635, H635A, H635AR, H635C, H635CX, H636, H650, H650AR, H650E, H650K, H731, H734, H735, H735AR, H735L, H735MT, H735P, H735T, H735TR, H736, H736P, H740, H778, H779, H788, H788N, H788SG, H788TR, H790, H790T, H791, H791F, H810, H810PR, H810VK, H811, H811VK H812, H815, H815AR, H815K, H815L, H815P, H815T, H815TR, H818, H818N, H818P, H818PA, H819, H820, H820PR, H830, H830SV, H831, H840, H840AR, H840TR, H845, H845N, H848, H850, H850AR, H850K, H850TR, H858, H860, H860N, H868, H870, H870AR, H870I, H870DS, H870DSU, H870K, H870S, H870U, H870V, H872, H900, H900PR, H901, H910, H915, H918, H932, H932U, H950, H950PR, H955, H955A, H955AR, H955HK, H955P, H955TR, H959, H960, H960A, H960AR, H960ATR, H960AY, H960P, H960TR, H960YK, H961, H961AN, H961N, H961S, H962, H968, H970, H990, H990DS, H990N, H990T
  • HB-series: HB620, HB620T
  • K-series: K100, K100DS, K100E, K100TR, K120, K120AR, K120E, K120F, K120GT, K120H, K121, K130, K130E, K130F, K130Y, K200, K200DS, K200DSF, K200DSK, K200F, K200MT, K210, K220, K220AR, K220BR, K220DSF, K220DSZ, K220H, K220T, K220Y, K220Z, K240, K240AR, K240F, K240H, K330, K350, K350AR, K350DS, K350E, K350F, K350H, K350K, K350N, K350NDS, K350TR, K350Y, K350Z, K371, K373, K410, K410A, K410F, K410G, K420DS, K420N, K420NM, K420PR, K425, K428, K430AR, K430DS, K430DSE, K430DSF, K430DSY, K430H, K430N, K430T, K430TR, K430TV, K430Y, K450, K500AR, K500DS, K500DSF, K500DSK, K500DSZ, K500F, K500H, K500I, K500J, K500K, K500N, K500TR, K500Y, K500Z, K520, K520D, K520DY, K520K, K520TR, K520Y, K530, K530AR, K530DY, K530F, K530TR, K535, K535D, K535N, K535T, K540, K550, K550BN, K550BNGO1, K557, K580, K580AR, K580DS, K580DSF, K580DSK, K580DSZ, K580F, K580H, K580I, K580TR, K580Y, K580Z, K600, K600HK, K600Y
  • KB-series: KB620, KB770, KB775f
  • KC-series: KC550, KC560, KC910, KC910Q, KC910Qa
  • KE-series: KE500, KE508, KE590, KE590i, KE600, KE608, KE770, KE800, KE850, KE850A, KE858, KE970, KE990, KE990C, KE990d, KE998
  • KF-series: KF240, KF245, KF300, KF305, KF310, KF311, KF350, KF390, KF390GO, KF390Q, KF510, KF600, KF690, KF700, KF700q, KF701, KF750, KF750GO, KF755, KF755c, KF755d, KF757, KF758, KF900
  • KG-series: KG110, KG115, KG118, KG119, KG120, KG130, KG190, KG195, KG200, KG210, KG220, KG221, KG225, KG228, KG240, KG245, KG270, KG271, KG275, KG276, KG278, KG280, KG285, KG288, KG289, KG290, KG291, KG296, KG300, KG320, KG320s, KG328, KG370, KG375, KG376, KG70, KG77, KG800, KG810, KG90, KG90n
  • KH-series: KH1000, KH1200, KH1300, KH1400, KH1600, KH1800, KH1800M, KH2100, KH2200, KH2700, KH3100, KH3400, KH3900, KH4500, KH5200, KH6400, KH6500, KH8000, KH8200, KH8600
  • KM-series: KM330, KM335, KM380, KM380c, KM380d, KM380T, KM385d, KM386c, KM500, KM500c, KM500d, KM501, KM553, KM555, KM555e, KM555G, KM555GO, KM555R, KM555RGO, KM570, KM570F, KM710, KM710C, KM710D, KM900, KM900e, KM900f, KM900g
  • KP-series: KP100, KP105, KP106, KP107, KP108, KP109, KP109a, KP109b, KP110, KP115, KP130, KP130a, KP130b, KP135, KP150, KP151, KP152, KP168, KP169, KP170, KP175, KP199, KP200, KP202, KP202i, KP210, KP215, KP220, KP230, KP233, KP235, KP260, KP265, KP270, KP275, KP293, KP320, KP330, KP500, KP501, KP501GO, KP501N, KP502, KP502GO, KP505, KP550, KP570, KP570q
  • KS-series: KS20, KS360, KS365, KS500, KS660
  • KT-series: KT520, KT525, KT610, KT615
  • KU-series: KU1700, KU2000, KU2100, KU250, KU2800, KU310, KU311, KU3700, KU380, KU385, KU4000, KU4300, KU450, KU5400, KU580, KU5900, KU6000, KU6300, KU800, KU830, KU9000, KU9100, KU9200, KU9300, KU950, KU9500, KU9600, KU970, KU990, KU990GO, KU990i, KU990iGO, KU990MF, KU990R
  • L-series: L01A, L01B, L01C, L01F, L02B, L03A, L03B, L03C, L04A, L04B, L04C, L06A, L07C, L1100, L1150, L1400, L21, L22, L23 , L24, L25, L3100, L341i, L342i, L343i, L600i, L600v, L601i, L602i, L704i, L705i, L705ix, L706ie, L852i
  • L-0-series: L-01D, L-01E, L-02D, L-02E, L-04E, L-05D, L-05E, L-06C, L-06D, L-06DJOJO, L-06DJOJOP, L-07C
  • LG-series: LG870
  • LS-series: LS450, LS660, LS665, LS675, LS676, LS720, LS740, LS751, LS755, LS770, LS775, LS885, LS970, LS980, LS990, LS991, LS992, LS993, LS995, LS996
  • LU-series: LU6200
  • LV-series: LV7400, LV7400R
  • M-series: M150, M151, M153, M210, M250, M250AR, M250E, M250F, M250H, M250N, M250Y, M250YK, M250I, M250K, M250M, M250DS, M250DSN, M257, M257PR, M322, M400AR, M400DF, M400DK, M400DY, M400F, M400MT, M400N, M400Y, M430, M4400, M4410, M470, M470F, M6100, M700, M700A, M700AN, M700AR, M700B, M700DSK, M700DSN, M700F, M700H, M700N, M700TV, M700Y, M700Z, M703, M703PR, M710H,
  • ME-series: ME550, ME770, ME850, ME850c, ME850d, ME970, ME970c, ME970d
  • MG-series: MG100, MG101, MG105, MG110b, MG120, MG125, MG130, MG150, MG155, MG160, MG161, MG161a, MG165, MG165a, MG230d, MG235, MG280, MG295, MG296, MG320, MG370, MG377, MG610, MG800, MG808, MG810c, MG810d
  • MP-series: MP260, MP450
  • MS-series: MS20, MS210, MS25, MS323, MS330, MS345, MS395, MS428, MS500, MS500Z , MS550, MS631, MS659, MS769, MS870
  • MU-series: MU500, MU515
  • P-series: P350, P350F, P350G, P350GN, P350GO, P355, P500, P500GO, P500H, P503, P504, P505 , P505CH, P505P, P505R, P506, P506GO, P509, P509BK, P509BKP, P509MZ, P509MZDU, P509MZP, P509P, P509TN, P509TNDU, P509TNP, P520, P655H, P655K, P659, P659BK, P659BKGO, P659H, P690, P690b, P690F, P692, P693, P698, P698f, P700, P705, P705f, P705g, P705GO, P708g, P710, P712, P713, P713GO, P713TR, P714, P715, P716, P720, P7200, P720h, P725, P760, P765, P768, P768e, P768f, P768g, P768N, P769, P769BK, P769BKGO, P769BKGO1, P778G, P870, P870H, P870P, P875, P875H, P880, P880g, P895, P895QB, P920, P920H, P925, P925G, P925P, P929, P930, P930P, P935, P9

RIFF Box Server Credits

USD 1USD 0.99

RIFF Box Server Credits

You can use these RIFF Box Server Credits to purchase three activations *:

  • eMMC Support Activation
  • Clone Activation
  • PKG License Activation

For RIFF Box with "Account Expired" message from server, activation's are required and they are not free. RIFF Box Server Credits allow you to:

  • Update RIFF Box firmware for a period of 1 year
  • Access RIFF download servers for a period of 1 year
  • Receive support on RIFF forums

Please note that buying these credits you get 1 year access to firmware updates and download server. In a year, when your activation (credits) expires you’ll have to renew your access.

RIFF Box Server Credits - Activation’s Prices:

  • eMMC Support Activation - 30 credits Allows you to use “JTAG Manager v1.58” software with ISP/Direct eMMC support. Note! To be able to work with eMMC interface you have to upgrade your RIFF Box.
  • Clone Activation - 60 credits Converts your clone box into an authentic RIFF Box.
  • PKG license - 30 credits This is a permanent activation that allows you to create repair packages (PKG files) and sell them to other users. Please note that a valid license for RIFF Box and 1.58 or higher version is required to use this option. The activation enables access to RIFF download server and ensures support on RIFF forums.

JTAG Manager v1.58 with ISP/Direct eMMC support.

To use it, please prepare your RIFF Box installation folder:

  • Rename JTAG Manager v1.56, so you can continue using it if your account is expired.
  • Backup "Useful plugins" folder content because old plugins are incompatible with new Exe, and old exe is incompatible with new plugins.
  • Start v1.58 exe and download license (if your account is not expired)
  • Update Box firmware to v1.38
  • Download new plugins.

Old server will be online for some weeks, so users can get a license, if they need it.

JTAG Manager 1.58

  • Added Direct eMMC Access Interface on the RIFFBOX RJ-45 port (check pinout picture for CMD, CLK, DAT0, pins positions, etc.)
  • Added eMMC/SD Access page for Read/Write operations on eMMC/SD card via direct interface
  • Added eMMC/SD Advanced dialog which allows to perform advanced operations with eMMC/SD cards (reading info, browsing through OCR, CID, CSD (and EXT_CSD for eMMC only) registers' fields, edit separate fields and writing back to card, reading/writing eMMC card's MCU's internal firmware, etc.)
  • Added convenient information presentation for specific eMMC chips: pinouts for testpoints, manuals how to use testpoints to resurrect dead eMMC, etc.). These INFO files (*.riffinfo) are stored in JTAG Manager's Documents folder and can be downloaded using generic "Check for Updates" operation.
  • Added eMMC Firmware Update option
  • Added eMMC Firmware Reading option (firmware is stored in *.riffemmcfw format) For firmware read need to select chip from the list
  • *.riffemmcfw eMMC firmware files are now used by RIFF for firmware updates (plain binary files are supported too)
  • Added elapsed time info for eMMC firmware update stages
  • Added eMMC Testpoint info displaying (info files must be downloaded from support and are located in the JTAG Manager's "Documents" folder
  • Added CMD42 Lock/Unlock functionality for eMMC. User can set/change/remove password to protect/unprotect (lock/unlock) the User Area Partition
  • Added the User Area Partition Forced Erase to erase Locked User Area Partition and to reset Device lock/unlock state and password (CMD42's consequences)
  • Added Samsung Factory Erase, which erases and re-formats Samsung eMMC chips
  • Fixed bug, displaying wrong SD card size, for cards with capacity less than 2GB
  • Few small improvements and bug fixes

Firmware 1.38

  • Added Direct eMMC Access Interface functionality
  • Improved the eMMC communication
  • Added the CMD42 Lock/Unlock/Reset Password features
  • Added Forced Erase of locked User Area Partition
  • Added Samsung eMMC Factory Format
  • Fixed bug for small SD card support
  • eMMC firmware update feature added

RIFF Box - Upgrade Procedure:

This is an initial guide for RIFF Box eMMC ISP/Direct functionality. This is not regular update, but rather a major upgrade. As such, it will come free for all RIFF Boxes registered in the last 6 months (180 days), and of course for all new RIFF Box customers. To prepare everything on your side for this upgrade, you will need the following:

  • RJ45 cable
  • 2 x 100 ohms resistors
  • External source for VCC and VCCQ (optional)
  • Moorc adapters (optional)
  • Activation credits (if your box is older than 6 months)

RJ45 cable is required to connect RIFF Box to eMMC, as RIFF Box RJ45 port is used for this function. 2 x 100 Ohms resistors are required as pull up, to increase signal levels and improve stability. External source for VCC and VCCQ is required in case that you don't want to open your RIFF Box, in order to connect RIFF Box internal VCC voltage source. There are already some adapters on the market, which offer this function. Moorc adapters are well known, and they offer best at a price range. Activation credits - you have to buy them, if your box is older than 6 months.

RIFF Box RJ45 port pinout:

  • 1-NC
  • 2-SD_CLK
  • 3-SD_DAT0
  • 4-SD_CMD
  • 5-NC
  • 6-NC
  • 7-NC
  • 8-GND

VCC pin is located on RIFF Box motherboard, bottom side. You can locate it if you check the picture below.


Please provide us with your RIFF serial number while placing an order. Serial number can be found using old RIFF software version 1.29


As soon as credits deposited on your account, we will send you an email. After that you may run the latest version of software. * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Samkey Server Credits

USD 3USD 1.99

Samkey Server Credits enable fast and easy unlocking of Samsung phones. Please, don't confuse Samkey Server Credits with Samkey TMO Server Credits and keep in mind, that it doesn't support Samkey TMO software. After successful transaction user receives account information (username and password) required for accessing Samkey software. Samkey software can be downloaded here. You don`t need to have any box or activation to use the credits.


  • One button click operation
  • Phone's warranty, user-data and memory remain unchanged
  • New Exynos direct code read KNOX must be "0" to read codes
  • No root required
  • No need to downgrade or flash your phone
  • Original Factory Unlock Codes calculation
  • Fully independent server
  • Supports latest 2017 firmware versions
  • Supports Android 4, 5, 6, 7, 7.1 versions
  • Supports latest 2017 security patches

Supported models


      • SC02K
      • SC03K

      NEW 2018 PHONES (3 CREDITS)

      • SM-J410F
      • SM-J410G
      • SM-J415F
      • SM-J415FN
      • SM-J415G
      • SM-J415GN
      • SM-J610F
      • SM-J610FN
      • SM-J610G
      • SM-J610GN
      • SM-J260F
      • SM-J260G
      • SM-J260M
      • SM-J260Y
      • SM-A605F
      • SM-A605FD
      • SM-A605FN
      • SM-A605G
      • SM-A605GN
      • SM-A6050
      • SM-A6058

      NEW 2018 PHONES (6 CREDITS)

      • SM-A920F
      • SM-A9200
      • SM-A920N
      • SM-G887F
      • SM-G8870
      • SM-G887N
      • SM-A750F
      • SM-A750FN
      • SM-A750G
      • SM-A750GN
      • SM-A750N
      • SM-J336AZ
      • SM-J337A
      • SM-J337AZ
      • SM-J337VPP
      • SM-J337W
      • SM-J337U
      • SM-J737A
      • SM-J737VPP
      • SM-J737U
      • SM-J810F
      • SM-J810FD
      • SM-J810G
      • SM-J810GF
      • SM-J810M
      • SM-J810Y
      • SM-G960U
      • SM-G960U1
      • SM-G960W
      • SM-G9600
      • SM-G9608
      • SM-G965U
      • SM-G965U1
      • SM-G965W
      • SM-G9650
      • SM-G960F
      • SM-G960FD
      • SM-G965F
      • SM-G965FD
      • SM-A600F
      • SM-A600FN
      • SM-A600FD
      • SM-A600G
      • SM-A600GN
      • SM-A600GD
      • SM-J600F
      • SM-J600FN
      • SM-J600FD
      • SM-J600G
      • SM-J400F
      • SM-J400FD
      • SM-J400G
      • SM-J400M
      • SM-G885F
      • SM-G885G
      • SM-G885Y
      • SM-G885S
      • SM-G8850
      • SM-G8858
      • SM-N960F
      • SM-N960N


      • SM-A310F
      • SM-A310FD
      • SM-A310H
      • SM-A310M
      • SM-A310MD
      • SM-A310N0
      • SM-A310Y
      • SM-A310YD
      • SM-A5108
      • SM-A510F
      • SM-A510FD
      • SM-A510M
      • SM-A510MD
      • SM-A510K
      • SM-A510L
      • SM-A510S
      • SM-A510Y
      • SM-A510YD
      • SM-A7108
      • SM-A710F
      • SM-A710FD
      • SM-A710M
      • SM-A710MD
      • SM-A710H
      • SM-A710K
      • SM-A710L
      • SM-A710S
      • SM-A710Y
      • SM-A710YD
      • SM-J105H
      • SM-J105F
      • SM-J106H
      • SM-J106F
      • SM-J110H
      • SM-J111F
      • SM-J120A
      • SM-J120AZ
      • SM-J120F
      • SM-J120FD
      • SM-J120FN
      • SM-J120FZ
      • SM-J120G
      • SM-J120GD
      • SM-J120H
      • SM-J120HD
      • SM-J120M
      • SM-J120MD
      • SM-J120W
      • SM-J120ZN
      • SM-J320A
      • SM-J320AZ
      • SM-J320F
      • SM-J320M
      • SM-J321AZ
      • SM-J7108
      • SM-J710F
      • SM-J710FD
      • SM-J710FN
      • SM-J710FQ
      • SM-J710GN
      • SM-J710MN
      • SM-J710K
      • SM-G610F
      • SM-G610K
      • SM-G610I
      • SM-G610S
      • SM-Z200
      • SM-Z300H
      • SM-G531
      • SM-G532G
      • SM-G532F
      • SM-G550
      • SM-N9208
      • SM-N920A
      • SM-N920C
      • SM-N920CD
      • SM-N920F
      • SM-N920K
      • SM-N920L
      • SM-N920S
      • SM-N920G
      • SM-N920I
      • SM-N920W8
      • SM-N9287
      • SM-N9287C
      • SM-Z130H
      • SM-Z130F
      • SM-A800F
      • SM-A800I
      • SM-J320H
      • SM-J200H
      • SM-J200F
      • SM-J210F
      • SM-J700H
      • SM-J700M
      • SM-J700F
      • SM-J700FD
      • SM-J700MD
      • SM-J700HD
      • SM-G313H
      • SM-G313HU
      • SM-G313HN
      • SM-G313HZ
      • SM-G313M
      • SM-G313ML
      • SM-G313MU
      • SM-G313MY
      • SM-G316H
      • SM-G316HU
      • SM-G316M
      • SM-G316ML
      • SM-G316MY
      • SM-G318H
      • SM-G318HU
      • SM-G318HZ
      • SM-G318M
      • SM-G318ML
      • SM-G318MZ
      • SM-G350E
      • SM-G355H
      • SM-G355HN
      • SM-G355M
      • SM-G355W
      • SM-G360H
      • SM-G360HU
      • SM-G361H
      • SM-G361HU
      • SM-G890A
      • SM-G903F
      • SM-G903FD
      • SM-G903W
      • SM-G903M
      • SM-G903MD
      • SM-G920K
      • SM-G920L
      • SM-G920S
      • SM-G920F
      • SM-G920FD
      • SM-G920I
      • SM-G920A
      • SM-G920AZ
      • SM-G920W8
      • SM-G925F
      • SM-G925FD
      • SM-G925I
      • SM-G925A
      • SM-G925W8
      • SM-G925K
      • SM-G925L
      • SM-G925S
      • SM-G928F
      • SM-G928FD
      • SM-G928I
      • SM-G928A
      • SM-G928C
      • SM-G928G
      • SM-G928W8
      • SM-G928K
      • SM-G928L
      • SM-G928S
      • SM-G928N0
      • SM-G935F
      • SM-G935K
      • SM-G935L
      • SM-G935S
      • SM-G935W8
      • SM-N930F
      • SM-N930K
      • SM-N930L
      • SM-N930S
      • SM-N935F
      • SM-N935K
      • SM-N935L
      • SM-N935S
      • SM-J210G
      • SM-J210H
      • SM-G930F
      • SM-G930W8
      • SM-G930X
      • SM-G930K
      • SM-G930L
      • SM-G930S
      • SM-Z130
      • SM-T3777
      • SM-T377A
      • SM-T377W
      • SM-T585
      • SM-T585C
      • SM-T585N0
      • SM-T587
      • SM-T715
      • SM-T715C
      • SM-T715Y
      • SM-T715M
      • SM-T715N0
      • SM-G611F
      • SM-G611FF
      • SM-G611FD


        • SM-G386F
        • SM-G386
        • SM-G386U
        • SM-G386W
        • SM-G360A
        • SM-G3608
        • SM-G360F
        • SM-J3109
        • SM-J3109
        • SM-J3110
        • SM-J7109
        • SM-P355
        • SM-P355C
        • SM-P355M
        • SM-P355Y
        • SM-P355B
        • SM-P355N
        • SM-P355K
        • SM-P555
        • SM-P555C
        • SM-P555M
        • SM-P555Y
        • SM-P555N
        • SM-P555K
        • SM-P555L
        • SM-P555S
        • SM-P605
        • SM-P605M
        • SM-P605L
        • SM-P605K
        • SM-P605S
        • SM-P905M
        • SM-P905F0
        • SM-P907A
        • SM-G710
        • SM-G720N0
        • SM-G870F
        • SM-G870W
        • SM-G720A
        • SM-N9200
        • G3502L
        • G3502
        • G3508J
        • G3509I
        • G3518
        • G3559
        • G3589W
        • SM-G7106
        • SM-G7108
        • SM-G7108V
        • SM-G7109
        • SM-G9208
        • SM-G9209
        • SM-G9250
        • SM-G9280
        • SM-G9298
        • SM-G5520
        • SM-G890A
        • SM-G7202
        • SM-G5700
        • SM-G750H
        • SM-G360FY
        • SM-G3606
        • SM-G5306
        • SM-G5308
        • SM-G5309
        • SM-C501X
        • SM-C900X
        • SM-G1650
        • SM-G600F
        • SM-G600FY
        • SM-G600S
        • SM-G6000
        • SM-G800F
        • SM-G800H
        • SM-G800HQ
        • SM-G800M
        • SM-G800Y
        • SM-G800R4
        • SM-G850A
        • SM-G850W
        • SM-G8508
        • SM-G8508S
        • SM-G860
        • SM-G860P
        • SM-G7200
        • SM-G7105
        • SM-G7102
        • SM-G9200
        • SM-E7000
        • SM-J5009
        • SM-A3000
        • SM-A3009
        • SM-A5009
        • SM-E700M
        • SM-A300F
        • SM-A300FU
        • SM-A300FN
        • SM-A300H
        • SM-A300M
        • SM-A300Y
        • SM-A300YZ
        • SM-A300G
        • SM-E500F
        • SM-E500H
        • SM-E500Y
        • SM-E500M
        • SM-E700F
        • SM-E700H
        • SM-E7009
        • SM-J500F
        • SM-J500FN
        • SM-J500G
        • SM-J500H
        • SM-J500M
        • SM-J327
        • SM-J327R4
        • SM-J327R6
        • SM-G9198
        • SM-G530FQ
        • SM-G530R4
        • SM-G530R7
        • SM-G530MU
        • SC-01J
        • SC-02F
        • SC-02G
        • SC-03G
        • SC-01H
        • SC-T21
        • SM-A5000
        • SM-A500F
        • SM-A500F1
        • SM-A500FQ
        • SM-A500FU
        • SM-A500G
        • SM-G900A
        • SM-G900AZ
        • SM-G900F
        • SM-G900T
        • SM-G900T1
        • SM-G900T2
        • SM-G900T3
        • SM-G900FD
        • SM-G900I
        • SM-G900L
        • SM-G900M
        • SM-G900MD
        • SM-G9006W
        • SM-G9008W
        • SM-G9009W
        • SM-G9009D
        • SM-G901F
        • SM-A500H
        • SM-A500HQ
        • SM-A500K
        • SM-A500L
        • SM-A500Y
        • SM-A500YZ
        • SM-A500XZ
        • SM-A500M
        • SM-A500S
        • SM-A500W
        • SM-A5100
        • SM-A7000
        • SM-C7010
        • SM-A7100
        • SM-A8000
        • SM-A9000
        • SM-A9100
        • SM-A910F
        • SM-G930AZ
        • SM-J320N0
        • SM-J320Y
        • SM-J320YZ
        • SM-J100VPP
        • SM-J3300
        • SM-J320ZN
        • SM-J5108
        • SM-J510F
        • SM-J510FN
        • SM-J5007
        • SM-J5008
        • SM-J510FQ
        • SM-J510GN
        • SM-J510H
        • SM-J510K
        • SM-J510L
        • SM-J500M
        • SM-J500N0
        • SM-J500Y
        • SM-J510MN
        • SM-J510S
        • SM-J510UN
        • SM-J727VPP
        • SM-G6100
        • SM-J3110
        • SM-J3119
        • SM-C9008
        • SM-C900Y
        • SM-J327VPP
        • SM-G1600
        • SM-N9300
        • SM-N930A
        • SM-N930W8
        • SM-N930R4
        • SM-N930R6
        • SM-N930R7
        • SM-W2017
        • SM-W2018
        • SM-J320VPP
        • SM-J3119S
        • SM-J3308
        • SM-G892A
        • SM-G892U
        • SM-G5528
        • SM-G3609
        • SM-G360AZ
        • SM-G386
        • SM-G386W
        • SM-G360B
        • SM-G360F
        • SM-G360FY
        • SM-G360G
        • SM-G360GY
        • SM-G360M
        • SM-G360
        • SM-G5108
        • SM-G5109
        • SM-G5306W
        • SM-G5308W
        • SM-G5309W
        • SM-G530A
        • SM-G530AZ
        • SM-J7008
        • SM-G530BT
        • SM-G530F
        • SM-G530FZ
        • SM-G530H
        • SM-G530M
        • SM-G530
        • SM-G530W
        • SM-C5000
        • SM-C5010
        • SM-C5018
        • SM-C7000
        • SM-A7009
        • SM-G5510
        • SM-G891A
        • SM-G9300
        • SM-G9308
        • SM-G930A
        • SM-C9000
        • SM-G955W
        • SM-G9350
        • SM-G935A
        • SM-G9500
        • SM-G9508
        • SM-C7018
        • SM-G950U
        • SM-G950U1
        • SM-G950W
        • SM-G9550
        • SM-G9558
        • SM-G955U
        • SM-G955U1
        • SM-G530Y
        • SM-G6000
        • SM-G600FY
        • SM-G7508
        • SM-G7509
        • SM-C900F
        • SM-J320R4
        • SM-G935R4
        • SM-G935U
        • SM-G870A
        • SM-T237
        • SM-T321
        • SM-T325
        • SM-T335
        • SM-T335L
        • SM-T335K
        • SM-T337
        • SM-T337A
        • SM-T337W
        • SM-T355
        • SM-T355C
        • SM-T355Y
        • SM-T357A
        • SM-T357W
        • SM-T365
        • SM-T365M
        • SM-T365N
        • SM-T365Y
        • SM-T365F0
        • SM-T385
        • SM-T385C
        • SM-T385M
        • SM-T385N
        • SM-T385D
        • SM-T525
        • SM-T535
        • SM-T537A
        • SM-T555
        • SM-T555C
        • SM-T555Y
        • SM-T567
        • SM-T587
        • SM-T719
        • SM-T719C
        • SM-T719Y
        • SM-T818
        • SM-T818A
        • SM-T818T
        • SM-T818V
        • SM-T818W
        • SM-T819
        • SM-T819C
        • SM-T819Y
        • SM-T825
        • SM-T825C
        • SM-T825Y
        • SM-T827
        • SM-T905
        • SC-04G
        • 403SC
        • 404SC
        • SC-02H
        • SC-02J
        • SC-03H
        • SC-03J
        • SC-01K
        • SCV35
        • SCV36
        • SCV37
        • SM-N950W
        • SM-N950U
        • SM-N950U1
        • SM-N950UX
        • SM-N9500
        • SM-N9508
        • SM-J250F
        • SM-J250G
        • SM-J250M
        • SM-J250Y
        • SM-J250N
        • SM-J3119S
      and many more


      • SC04J
      • SM-G950F
      • SM-G950FD
      • SM-G950N
      • SM-G955F
      • SM-G955FD
      • SM-G955N
      • SM-N950F
      • SM-N950FD
      • SM-N950N
      • SM-A320F
      • SM-A320FD
      • SM-A320FL
      • SM-A320Y
      • SM-A520F
      • SM-A520FD
      • SM-A520K
      • SM-A520L
      • SM-A520S
      • SM-A520W
      • SM-A530F
      • SM-A530FD
      • SM-A530W
      • SM-A720F
      • SM-A720FD
      • SM-A720FN
      • SM-A720S
      • SM-A720L
      • SM-A730F
      • SM-A730FD
      • SM-J327A
      • SM-J327AZ
      • SM-J327U
      • SM-J327W
      • SM-J727A
      • SM-J727AZ
      • SM-J727S
      • SM-J727U
      • SM-J330F
      • SM-J330FD
      • SM-J330FN
      • SM-J330G
      • SM-J330GM
      • SM-J330L
      • SM-J330N
      • SM-J530F
      • SM-J530FD
      • SM-J530FM
      • SM-J530FM
      • SM-J530K
      • SM-J530G
      • SM-J530GM
      • SM-J530L
      • SM-J530S
      • SM-J530Y
      • SM-J530YM
      • SM-J701F
      • SM-J701FD
      • SM-J701M
      • SM-J701MT
      • SM-J730F
      • SM-J730FD
      • SM-J730FN
      • SM-J730FM
      • SM-J730G
      • SM-J730GM
      • SM-J730K
      • SM-J326AZ
      • SM-G390F
      • SM-G390W
      • SM-G390Y
      • SM-G610M
      • SM-G610Y
      • SM-G570F
      • SM-G570M
      • SM-G570Y
      • SM-P585
      • SM-P585M
      • SM-P585N0
      • SM-P585Y
      • SM-P587
      • SM-P588C
      • SM-T395
      • SM-T395N
      • SM-J720F
      • SM-J720FD
      • SM-J720M
      • SM-G611M

Minimum order is 15 credits. * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Samkey TMO Credits

USD 3USD 2.6

SamKEY TMO is special software for Unlock: T-Mobile, MetroPCS, Verizon, Sprint, locked SAMSUNG phones Which do NOT ASKING FOR NETWORK UNLOCK CODE and just Show : Invalid SIM Card (APP UNLOCK) Few Major Clarification * Only USB cable is required for unlock Qualcom phones you may require Rj45 for Exynos series phones

Following models need RJ45 UART cable via UNI BOX interface to Unlock S337TL , S737TL  ,  S550TL Calculate SEC : via USB Cable   &  Write SEC : via RJ45 UART Cable via Any uni Box interface. if you don't have any uni box interface then u can buy this USB UART cable .

* This solution makes Phone 100% PERMANENT UNLOCKED * Phone will remains UNLOCKED even if you upgrade firmware * Software will be locked on one pc with finger print * Software will work only when you have phone in hand   (means usb sharing will not work) Supported Model List

Exynos Phones (5 Credits) SM-S337TL (Galaxy J3 Luna Pro TracFone) UART Cable Required SM-S357BL (Galaxy J3 Orbit) SM-S550TL (Galaxy On5) UART Cable Required SM-S737TL (Galaxy J7 Sky TracFone) UART Cable Required SM-J327T (Galaxy J3 Prime T-Mobile) SM-J327T1 (Galaxy J3 Prime MetroPCS) SM-J337T (Galaxy J3 Star 2018 T-Mobile) SM-J727T (Galaxy J7 Prime T-Mobile) SM-J727T1 (Galaxy J7 Prime MetroPCS) SM-J737T (Galaxy J7 Star 2018 T-Mobile) SM-J737T1 (Galaxy J7 Star 2018 MetroPCS) SM-J757BL (Galaxy J7 Crown) Qualcomm Phones (5 Credits) SM-G960U (Galaxy S9) T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Sprint/Boost *** NEW *** SM-G965U (Galaxy S9+) T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Sprint/Boos *** NEW *** SM-J727P (Galaxy J7 Perx)  SM-J327P (Galaxy J3 Emerge) SM-G892U (Galaxy S8 Active) T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/... SM-G950U/U1 (Galaxy S8 T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/...)  SM-G955U/U1 (Galaxy S8+ T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint...) SM-G360T (Galaxy Core Prime) SM-G360T1 (Galaxy Core Prime) SM-G530T (Galaxy Grand Prime) SM-G530T1 (Galaxy Grand Prime) SM-G930T (Galaxy S7 T-Mobile) SM-G935T (Galaxy S7 edge T-Mobile) SM-G930T1 (Galaxy S7 MetroPCS) SM-G935T1 (Galaxy S7 edge MetroPCS) SM-G930P (Galaxy S7 Sprint) SM-G935P (Galaxy S7 edge Sprint) SM-G930V (Galaxy S7 Verizon) SM-G930VL (Galaxy S7 TracFone SM-G935V (Galaxy S7 edge Verizon) SM-N930T (Galaxy Note7 T-Mobile) SM-N930T1 (Galaxy Note7 MetroPCS) SM-N930V (Galaxy Note7 Verizon) SM-N930P (Galaxy Note7 Sprint) SM-N950U/U1 (Galaxy Note 8 T-Mobile/MetroPCS/Verizon/Sprint/...) SM-N960U/U1 (Galaxy Note 9) T-Mobile & MetroPCS ***NEW*** Old Qualcomm Phones (5 Credits) SM-G920P (Galaxy S6 Sprint) SM-G925P (Galaxy S6 edge Sprint) SM-G928P (Galaxy S6 edge+ Sprint) SM-N920P (Galaxy Note5 Sprint)

Many more models Click here for more information about SamKey TMO Note: 1 : Please Download latest Software here 2 : Open Software in your computer and get one Finger Print ( System ID ) 3 : Place Order on website and Provide us the Finger Print ID in the requested Field

SE Tool Server Credit

USD 3USD 2.45

Credits for use remote server for Sony Ericsson DB2020 phones * flashing / repairing / unlocking In order to use the latest SeTool updates starting from v1.01, users have to activate their SeTool using the Activator software. Activation costs 20 SETool server credits. Without the activation users can use the old program versions only. Please visit the official SeTool forum for details. Please note that minimal order is 15 credits. If you’d like to purchase 30/ 60 credits on one account, you should specify that in "Customer’s notes" field of via your manager. Otherwise, automated system will create separate accounts for every 30 credits purchased. * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.

Sony 0 Counter Reset Credits

USD 25USD 23.9
Sony Xperia Unlock / MEP 0 Counter Reset Credits (over USB Cable)
  • All Sony phones are supported *
  • 1 Credit required for 1 operation
  • Instant Unlock by USB cable ( permanent )
  • Unlock / Counter 0 reset time is 4 seconds
  • Works 24/7, instant, in real time
After successful transaction we will send you a User Name & Password. Download & Run that software, input your login details (you will receive them after complete your order), follow this instructions:
  1. Power-off the phone
  2. Press and HOLD “Volume Down” button
  3. Connect phone to USB cable, still holding “Volume Down” button
  4. Click on “Unlock” button in the software
  5. After 5 seconds phone should be unlocked
Note: For the operation with one mobile phone a unique account will be used. You cannot top-up that account.

Latest qUnlockTool_14_07_2019


Z3x Server Credit

USD 1.4

Z3X Features

  • Exclusive solution for reading codes from new Qualcomm based phones *
  • New settings look
  • Odin flasher protocol updated

User account (including username and password) is created automatically after purchase. If you'd like to purchase Z3X Server Credits for already existing account, please specify it in "Customer's notes" field while ordering the item or contact your sales manager. Otherwise, automated system will create a new account for Z3X Server Credits.


  1. Connect the phone to PC via USB cable (no root required)
  2. Enable ADB mode
  3. Press “Read codes”
  4. Enter account username and password sent to get ordered credits

Credits are non-refundable. Please, note: to use Z3X Server Credits it is required to have Z3X Samsung Pro Activation. Added Direct Read Codes via server ** feature for the following models (no root required):

  • SM-A9000, SM-A9100, SM-A910F
  • SM-C5000, SM-C5010, SM-C5018, SM-C7000, SM-C7010, SM-C7018, SM-C9000, SM-C900F
  • SM-G5510, SM-G5520, SM-G891A, SM-G9300, SM-G9308, SM-G930A, SM-G930AZ, SM-G9350, SM-G935A, SM-G9500, SM-G9508, SM-G950U, SM-G950U1, SM-G950W, SM-G9550, SM-G955U, SM-G955U1, SM-G955W
  • SM-J320N0, SM-J320Y, SM-J320YZ, SM-J320ZN, SM-J5108, SM-J510F, SM-J510FN, SM-J510FQ, SM-J510GN, SM-J510H, SM-J510K, SM-J510L, SM-J510MN, SM-J510S, SM-J510UN, SM-J727V, SM-J727VPP
  • SM-T818, SM-T818A, SM-T818T, SM-T818V, SM-T818W, SM-T825, SM-T825Y
  • SM-G6100, SM-G1600
  • SM-J3110, SM-J3119
  • SCV33, SCV34, SCV35, SCV36
  • SM-C9008, SM-C900Y
  • SC-02J, SC-03J
  • SM-J327V, SM-J327VPP
  • SM-G930V, SM-G935V
  • SM-N9300, SM-N930A
  • SM-W2017
  • SM-J320VPP, SM-J320V, SM-J3119S, SM-J3308
  • SM-G892A, SM-G5528
  • SM-J3300, SM-J100VPP

Added TMB Unlock via server*** feature for the following models:

  • SM-G360T , SM-G360T1, SM-G530T, SM-G530T1, SM-G930T , SM-G930T1, SM-G935T, SM-G950U TMB, SM-G950U1 TMB, SM-G955U TMB, SM-G955U1 TMB, SM-N950U TMB, SM-N950U1 TMB
  • LG phones: H345, H345KT, H631, H631MX, H631TN, H811, H811VK, H830, H830SV, H872BK, H872TN, H901, H901BK, H918, H918TN, K330, K330TN, K330TNGO1, K428, K550, K550BN, K550BNGO1, M210, M210SV, MP260, MP450, MS210, MS330, MS345, MS428, MS550, MS631, TP260, TP260BK, TP450, TP450TN

How to check your credits balance:

  1. Download the latest version of Z3X SamsungToolPro via Z3X Shell software here
  2. Run the software on your PC
  3. Open “Settings” tab and enter your login and password
  4. Press “Credits History” button

Note 1: T-MOBILE phones are not supported by code reading. Only by unlock TMB via server. Note 2: Before performing code reading operation make sure that you need these codes. Just power phone on and check if the phone requests codes.


Before performing unlock operation be sure to check Cert pass and device MIPI. Code Reading: If code reading operation started and wasn't completed due to bad Internet connection, please contact Z3X team by email: For codes request you need to provide phone serial number, login, logs. Direct Unlock TMB: If unlock operation fails, please contact Z3X team within 48 hours by email: To request credits balance recalculation you need to provide phone serial number, login, logs. ** One successful code reading takes 5 credits. *** One successful unlock of TMB LG or SAMSUNG phones will take 10 credits. One successful unlock TMB LG or SAMSUNG phones will take 15 credits. * Developer provides support only for those phones which are on the list of supported. Not all servicing features can be applied to some supported models, due to difference of hardware / software versions. Complete list of supported models you can find on the official product page, or on the GSM forum.