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MRT Dongle

USD 99.99

MRT-Dongle stands for Mobile Repair Tool Dongle. New innovation of mobile phone’s software repair, which can permanently unlock many Android mobile phones. A program is specialized tool for repair, flash and unlock of MeizuXiaomiVIVOHuaweiCoolpad and many more mobile phones with MTK chip *. MRT-Dongle will repair your damaged device with the following operations:

  • Account Unlock
  • Password Removal
  • Bootloader Unlock

All operations are fast (from 5 up to 60 seconds to unlock the device), they don’t require any activation or purchase of credits. Easy to use the software, it has a clear interface and very clear instructions for repair. To start work with the dongle you just need a free USB port.

MRT Dongle (Mobile Reparing Tool) – Possibilities:

There are many features in the MRT software, such as:

  1. BK Vivo - FRP Unlock\IMEI Repair\Flash
  2. OPPO - FRP Unlock\IMEI Repair\Flash
  3. HongMi (MTK CPU) - Unlock Password\FRP Unlock\IMEI Repair\Flash
  4. Meizu - Flash\Unlock Password \FRP (Account) Remove in one click
  5. Aliyun OS is supported
  6. Huawei - FRP Remove\Unlock Bootloader\Re-Lock Bootloader
  7. LeEco Qualcomm - FRP Full Support, Account\Google ID Removal (will not lock again, if you connect to the internet)
  8. X800, X800+, X900, X900+ models are supported
  9. All MTK Android phones are supported. Even latest MT6580 chip or MTK X10, 6753, 6752, 6595, 6795 and more
  10. Old CPU chips like MTK 6575, 6577, 6572, 6571 are supported as well

Currently 95% of all new devices are 4G LTE, MTK mobile phones based on MT6290 IC, and MRT-Dongle is the first device, which has a support of IMEI Repair operation among them. if your MRT dongle software not open & giving this Error009!!!auth your mrt dongle fail,make sure you has connect it.. then how to solve it see the video  .

MRT Repairing software

MRT-Dongle (Mobile Repairing Tool) - Package Contains:

  1. MRT-Dongle - 1 pc.

Due to the onrush of technology and efforts to meet every customer's demands, the supplier retains the right to change some positions in the list of cables and accessories coming together with the product. Therefore, the package content presented above is rather tentative. More details on the matter can be obtained from our sales managers.

iBUS 2 Data Cable for iWatch S2 38mm & 42mm

USD 119.99USD 109.99

iBUS 2 Data Cable can restore and upgrade software for iWatch S2 (38mm and 42mm).


  • Full Support iWatch S2 and S3 38mm & 42mm
    • iWatch Series 2, 38 mm (A1757/A1816 N74ap), 42 mm (A1758/A1817 N75ap)
    • iWatch Series 3, 38 mm (N111sAP/N121sAP), 42 mm (N111bAP N121bAP)
  • Support iWatch S2 restore and repair software
  • Support downgrade and upgrade firmware
  • Support iWatch Glass Digitizer touch programming, etc
  • Support demo unit convert to normally unit.
  • Work with Mac OS iTunes / Windows iTunes Version from 12.7.
  • Work with MFC Dongle software using Windows (Not Free)

Additional Information

  • This iBUS cable does not have any software or iWatch firmware with it. You need to download and install the latest version of iTunes on your MAC PC. If you are using Windows PC then you need to use MFC Dongle, in order to use this cable.
  • Unfortunately at this moment there is no way to restore OTA files (over-the-air) for the iWatch. Saying that, you should be 100% sure that you have compatible firmware to restore or update your iWatch, using iBUS cable. If you are unsure, please do not purchase this product.

iWatch S2/S3 Firmware:

  • For Mac OS / Windows iTunes.
    • Cannot be downloaded from, if you buy iBUS watch you need to find the original firmware by yourself.
  • For MFC Dongle by Windows
    • Can be downloaded from Use firmware required for MFC Dongle, which is not compatible with iTunes.

How to put iWatch in DFU and Recovery mode?

  • How to put iWatch in DFU mode?
    • Press and hold both Digital Crown and Side Button (Power Button), waiting screen will shutdown, then hold for 3 more seconds and release Side Button (Power Button).
    • Keep holding Digital Crown for 10 more seconds.
  • How to put iWatch in Recovery mode?
    • Press and hold both the Digital Crown and the Side Button (Power Button), waiting screen will shutdown, then hold for 3 more seconds.
    • Release Side Button (Power Button) and Digital Crown, then immediately hold Digital Crown and wait for 10 more seconds.

Package content:

  • iBUS 2 Data Cable - 1 pc.
  • Two in one adapter pilot pin - 1 pc.