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easy adapter for iPad 5 6 non remove the NAND fixture

USD 120USD 95

Adapter for ipad 5 iPad 6 non remove the nand fixture with out any Extra tool.

if you have Easy 5/6 Adapter for ipad 5 (AIR) and ipad 6 (AIR 2) then you no need any other tool for program nand for iPad 5 & iPad 6 , You can do your work with out removing NAND IC.
1.change SN
2.change location
3.change wifi
4.change Bluetooth
5.change Colour 
6.expand capacity (need change the nand)
you can install driver in 32 bit system and 64 bit system 
and if you pc is winxp ,win7,win10 ,than no need any driver

Easy Software for ipad 5 and ipad 6 

easy 5-6 adapter Package Content:

  • easy 5-6 adapter only - 1 pc.